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    We are pleased to announce the launching of ZurTro Lures.

    ZurTro Lures is locally owned and operated in Nanaimo, BC. Our goal is to provide quality salt water fishing lures to sport fishermen on the west coast of British Columbia. Our initial products include Spoons and Bait Tubes. Other items to watch for are Jigs and Plugs.

    We feature two spoon brands - the "Hornet" and the "ZT Mini". Each spoon is Hand Painted and assembled in our shop from quality North American made products. All our spoons are available in our online store at www.zurtrolures.ca. Please stop by and have a look at all of our spoon patterns.

    Our bait tubes are also assembled in our shop in Nanaimo. What is a bait tube? Affectionately known as the "Business Tube", it is a scented flasher with the primary goal of luring in and catching halibut. The tubes are available in two sizes. They are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand attacks from the biggest of bottom predators.

    We will be adding more spoon patterns over the next few weeks and are currently accepting pre-orders. All pre-orders are 15% off, and we offer FREE shipping on spoons.

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