1. gulfislander

    gulfislander Member

    Replacing my zinks on my 2006 honda bf 150 is on the list of maintinence to get done soon. Anyone have a good website to order from? Lots of good prices in the states but shipping is just as mich as the zinks themselves!!

  2. claymcpher

    claymcpher Member

    You may want to try the Nanaimo marine center they seem to have all anodes at 35% off, give them a call and see if they have what you need
  3. Peahead

    Peahead Well-Known Member

    You might want to try West Marine's Martyr anode kits but likely they will have to order them in. I've got the kits there for my Yami 200 and Yami 150's. Package includes both a skeg and "handlebar" anode and the ones's for Yami were about $33.00 per package as I recall. I use aluminum anodes (same as Yami OEM ) ... so for aluminum thats a decent price. OEM was more $ and so far Martyr seem good.

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  4. gulfislander

    gulfislander Member

    Thanks guys. I just ordered up some anodes from http://www.relianceanodes.com/. Great company and all anodes are manufactured right in burnaby! Super helpfull people to deal with and awesome to e able to support another local company!

  5. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the internal ones too. Those Hondas are bad for internal corrosion.
  6. gulfislander

    gulfislander Member

    Yup even ordered extras. Anodes are cheap insurance! I was out with a friend last month whos a caretaker at a water access only property. They run a 225 hp honda on the work boat. Cruizing over to cowichan bay for the after noon and notice that theres water spewing out of the cowling seal!!! Turned around and headed home on the kicker. Stopes by the local shop the other day and saw the engine sitting there ripped apart. Cooling passages were completly gone around the cylinders!! Pretty scarry to see! Cheaper to get a brand new engine then fix it all up!
  7. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Good plan, just wanted to be sure you knew. Nothing worse than finding out the hard way All mine are done every year. Same thing as impellers, they are done every year also.

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