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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by getbent, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Got a condo in Zihuatanejo for 2 weeks in November and was wondering if anyone has fished the area and can recommend a decent captain, only want to fish from a panga, no SF's as I enjoy it more.
    Want to go out for a couple of trips at least, have a couple of leads and will check BD but wanted to know from anyone on here first.


  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Ask for Juan Jose Galeana if you can speak the language he doesn't speak much English he sure can catch fish though.
  3. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    How would I contact him DB? at the marina?
  4. tubby

    tubby Member

    I fished two years ago out of the Dos Hermanos (I and II - two boats), I fished sailfish one day and rooster fish the other. I arrange my charters through Ed Krunze (Google Zihuatanejo fishing reports) but I believe you can contract Alfedo independently. I was happy with their service.
  5. tubby

    tubby Member

    PM me if you want further detail.
  6. nicnat

    nicnat Active Member

    i 2nd contacting Ed Kunze ( note there is no r in the name as posted above) if you get a chance I highly recommend try the roosterfish fishery down there.
    you will find it much cheaper fishing in zhua than further north in mazatlan or cabo. it is my fav spot on the west coast of mexico.



    it looks like el nino may be affecting fishing down there in a negative way at the moment.

    cheers ferret
  7. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses guys, really appreciate it. I have talked to Ed, should be able to get it all figured out.
    Fished in numerous locations in Mexico but really stoked for the Roosters.
    Will post when I return.

  8. Stoneman

    Stoneman New Member

    Check out Temo Sportsfishing Charters on Facebook.We have tried numerous different Captains in the last 5 yrs and found him to be the best.Avoid going through third parties because you will end up disappointed.Anybody on the beach will tell you they have boat and a brother with boat.They are called Coyotes and you likely won't happy,shitty gear,rusty hooks etc.We have used Temo last 5yrs and always catch fish and he speaks Very good english.For some added Fun throw in couple of mooching rods,wild to catch Sailfish and dorado on them.Temo questioned the rods but once we reeled in a couple over 100 lb sailfish he called us the mooching men.If you check out the facebook page he got a huge rooster in the spring.Anyways good luck when you go.Rick
  9. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rick, super familiar with the hustlers on the beach, hence why I normally line my trips up ahead of time, or hit the docks.
    I will check out your guy, sounds good.

  10. Stoneman

    Stoneman New Member

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