Zeballos - Tahsis Driving Question

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by directmule, May 8, 2011.

  1. directmule

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    Is it possible to drive from Tahsis to Zeballos? I know you can go back from Tahsis to just about Gold River, take the gravel road to Vernon then on to Woss on Hwy #19, then down to Zeballos, but would like to know if there is a route over/through the mountains directly from Tahsis to Zeballos. Not expecting to tow a boat through, just wondering if a vehicle can get through.

  2. Sitkaspruce

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    Unless things have changed a great deal since I was down there, the only way is as you described.


  3. Charlie

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    I actually looked into that YEARS ago and, well I guess the only thing I can say at this point… there is! J

    There is at least two (if not more routes), get yourself a good four-wheeler, a “Recreation and Logging Road Guide to the Forrest Lands of West Vancouver island,” a GPS /with topo maps, and go for it! Be prepared to both get lost and have to turn back! :(

    This is from the "OLD" logging map I have. If you study it, you can see at least the two routes I am talking about! Remember, these are logging roads that have not been used in years! Hard telling what you will run in to?

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  4. searun

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    Yes, once upon a time you could drive between the two communities...but that was a long time back. I seriously doubt the road is open today, and if it was you probably wouldn't want to drive on it. Best to go back out to pavement and drive around to the regular route in. Road is good, but if you are dragging a boat I would recommend going in at night after the logging trucks have stopped running.
  5. directmule

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    Thanks for the info guys but I think we will pass on it. We are going to be at Moutcha Bay Resort in the later part of June and just thought if there was an easy way to Zeballos we may pop over just to have a look around. May do it by boat from Moutcha, thanks again


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