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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Roe Bags, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Roe Bags

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    Wondering what has happened to my report on fishing the San Jaun river yesturday? Last time I checked I was on the right site, this is a fishing report site is it not? Ive been a member on Sportfishing B.C for alot longer than than most moderators have even known about this site. Back in the days when me and Hugh the lord of Lies, I mean Flies would exchange dialy reports and friendly ribbing. A time when this site had far fewer members and was struggling for membership, our post were the only thing to keep it going. With well over a 1000 post, most of them detailed up to the minute reports I recieve the "el zappo". Wondering what for, because a couple of Junior wannabe freshwater Newbs like Steve aka. Blackleech from Cowichan and the Mouth dont wanna hear about the secrative San Jaun river. Well newsflash the San Jaun is no secrative flow, with hundreds of boats bobbing around the can bouy every year for the famous Renfrew Coho derby. Everyone knows that these fish are headed for 1 of 2 systems, either swiming right by them as they dock there boats on the Gorddy or shooting thru the bay heading up the Sanny or her tribs. I guess taking the time and sitting down at the computer after a days fishing to share a report with fellow anglers in hopes that they to will enjoy a outting like this is not permitted on this site anymore? Truely a sad day to be a SportFishing B.C member!!:(:(
  2. biggest

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    Bags, that's too bad your SJ report got zapped. I look forward to your reports as I fish the same flows as you. We have a few mutual friends so I do get current info from you through them but I think it's great that you post of your days fishing, good or bad.
    You posted a report of a trip to the Nit last year and you were detailed and spot on. It was the most "how to" report I've seen.
  3. Blackleech

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    Hey Bags, I thought we had all agreed that there was no need to "name names" your post was well-written but there were way too many details. There was boat after boat coming down from the campground on Monday - canoes, driftboats, rowboats, and rubber dingys filled with people who looked like they were fishing for the first time and I think we can all agree the Juan doesn't need any more pressure - the reality is that there are people who will go there and float the river after reading your post, and unfortunately not everyone respects the resource.
  4. Mouthhouse

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    Fished the san-juan since I was 5 years old and am a 3rd gen fisherman on the island....always nice to hear good stories that leave a little to the imagination...but to name every trib and how to get there for anyone who can hold a bloody mouse....but I am simply amazed that you would want MORE people out there??? for myself half the fun was exploring that river as a kid and the rewards that came from finding those great spots all alone or with a friend or two .... But I know that these are the days of jet boats and internet and I couldn´t care less about your easy access spots or who the hell you wanna tell....I´ll just hike a little further to get away from it all. I am no moderater but it really does amaze me that anyone would want to post info that would make it any busier on the ¨secret¨ San-juan system ...but....whatever turns your crank I guess?
  5. MyEscape

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    Bags: We have some problem members here and are trying to deal with them. I did not remove your post but we sure are getting tired of babysitting the trouble makers as we try not to over moderate this site. Remember TT moderates this site to.

    Cheers ME

    ps Hugh let me know this site has over doubled in size of membership and tripled in posting in the last year. I thank you for time spent here on SFBC and all you have added to it but sometimes it is easier to delete a thread then fishing through all the posts when problems come up. Remeber we do have a life and aren't paid to moderate.

    Cheers ME
  6. Fish-Rite

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    The pressure has nothing too do with this site at all lets be honest!!I do have a problem with the pressure from certain guides sending crewcabs and boats full of clients there snagging lining and flat out abusing this resource!!We need too all shake our heads at this!!As for bags keep up the good work!!
  7. Blackleech

    Blackleech Member

    "You posted a report of a trip to the Nit last year and you were detailed and spot on. It was the most "how to" report I've seen."

    Case and point.
  8. Mouthhouse

    Mouthhouse Member

    Of course this site isn´t even close to the main only point was ....why add to it?? And yes Bags you have always written great reports but do they have to give details and direction??
  9. Fish-Rite

    Fish-Rite Member

    Sorry kev maybe you need too go!!you have done some good work here however dont ever doubt ol bags he kept people cumin here long before you showed your beek here!!This site would have been dead if it wasnt for bags and a few others and im going back too the days of pre wolf here!!
  10. MyEscape

    MyEscape Active Member

    Fish-Rite it was nothing agaist Bags he has made major contributions to this site over the years. I just wanted him to know what mabye happened. As for your comments I will soon be alot more involved in this site then just moderation so trust me I'm not going any where.

    Cheers ME
  11. Fish-Rite

    Fish-Rite Member

    Glad too here that Kev this site has become far better than fishbc with alot of credit going too yourself and TT!!Fishbc shot themselves in the foot with there cliques and endless drivel!!Lets keep this site on topic for what its supposed too be fishing!!Bags should be free from zapping hes the senior poster here and why alot of us come here!!
  12. killerkurrs

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    Well Bags, It appears you've learnt too much. Spending all those countless hours learning how, where and when to fish seems to be a detriment. How dare you try to share some knowledge. It's amazing that one person, posting fishing reports on SFBC, is causing so much pressure on one system. Like anyone really reads them and uses the info to their advantage. May be they do......Am I missing something? Can your words actually make me a successful fisherman? Will fish jump on my hook with the gear you recommend? Do your reports outline what rock, which water mark, what temperature one should fish at? Do busses load up after every post you make to bring newbies from the lower mainland over? Come on people spend a little less time arguing and a little more time fishing... With bait of course.
  13. MyEscape

    MyEscape Active Member

  14. Fins -n- Skins

    Fins -n- Skins Well-Known Member

    Right on Bags. Good to see some good old members back. Another classic SFBC moment... I did not know that the San juan,Harris,Lens,Muir,Tugwell,and the famous Bear creek meat hole. By the way made famous by Alec Merriman writing about it in every paper and book out there for years.. Is the Sooke a secret??
  15. Tailspin

    Tailspin Active Member

    This is like a reunion. just like old times, tournement proven is even on! Where is Yo Mama to top it off?
  16. yo mama

    yo mama Active Member


    Too funny. I think it's all good and the nice thing about a place like this is that all fisherman call express their opionions. I hope it dosn't get to the point where people cannot express opinions without getting zapped like over at the other sites.
  17. vince gee

    vince gee Guest

    Good too see everybody back though banding together too fight some insane moderation ploys by a select few!!Kev work is appreciated very much but bagging bag's sleigh ride post was completely out of order!!Who's blackleech anyway he's been stirring **** up since last year!!The majority here stand behind bags whether you like it or not!!Keep up the good work mods!
  18. Blackleech

    Blackleech Member

    Just to clear things up... my only concern is trying to preserve the quality of fishing we have in this area. I've been fishing the Renny area for about 10 years, and in this brief period of time I have seen the pressure increase dramatically. I know that Bags and Vinnie you have probably been fishing this area for much longer, would you agree that there are MANY more people now? As I said previously, where I would see 3-4 boats drift by on the SJ we now see 10-12 boats. On the H where we used to see one or two trucks parked at the upper pullouts, now we see 2-3 in every pullout - even when the river is completely blown out or too low to fish properly. I would argue that magazine articles, Island Outfitters, and sometimes forum posts, are to blame for the gong show we now see in these areas. I don't see how attracting new fishermen, which is what I have been seeing floating down the SJ in rental canoes and Walmart dingys, is a good thing for us? I think what many of the members here are trying to get across is that we can still post a quality report without giving up all the goods. And by the way Bags, bait is illegal on the upper SJ ;)
  19. MyEscape

    MyEscape Active Member

    Just for the record I very seldom read the fresh water section unless I recieve emails bringing something to my attention. We do have two other moderators here so remeber I am not the only one who delete's posts! Yes I have Zapped my fair share of posts in the past but Bags I did not zap your post even though I did recieve a few emails of concern.

    Cheers ME
  20. splittail

    splittail Member

    Translation of MyEscapes previous post:

    The Freshwater Section is not have at 'er boys! :D

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