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    Project Watershed along with 12 other groups in the Valley is working towards restoration and protection of the Courtenay River Estuary by:
    o Working on a system of governance for the whole estuary
    o Establishing monitoring programs
    o Undertaking research and restoration projects
    o Developing public education and awareness programs
    Comox Valley Project Watershed Society (PW) has been a cornerstone for environmental information, education and action in the Comox Valley for over 15 years. We are a non profit volunteer based charitable organization that works towards maintaining the natural beauty and uniqueness of the Comox Valley for current and future generations to enjoy.

    You may have been at one of our events such as the Heart of the Watershed Estuary Symposium which brought estuary experts together with over 300 Comox Valley participants to discuss and learn about the Courtenay River Estuary or perhaps you helped us monitor Summer/Fall Chinook returns or have heard of the spawning platform we helped construct in the Puntledge River or maybe you’ve seen the Stream of Dreams on fences outside local schools. Either way your vote can now help us with our new initiative to restore and protect the Courtenay River Estuary.

    The Courtenay River Estuary is the heart of our Valley and has been referred to as the jewel in the crown of the Comox Valley. Estuaries in general are one of the most productive habitats on earth. Although 80% of marine species rely on them they make up only 3% of our coast – making them rare and important. Our Courtenay River Estuary is especially important – it is a Class One estuary meaning it is large and used by thousands of plants, fish and birds for food and shelter; it has preserved ancient fish traps for thousands of years making it an important archeological site; it is part of an Important Bird Area (a national designation); and because of political and public readiness, the time is right to embark on its protection and restoration.

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