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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by nedarb2, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    Just wondering...How many boats have you owned (and what where they) and whats your current boat?

    To fish or not to fish,
    What a stupid question!
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, and he will sit on a boat drinking beer for a life time :D
    TGIF =Thank God It Floats
  2. SSfisher

    SSfisher Guest

    15'6" hourston with 60 h.p. yamaha
    My dad has a 26' Lifetimer which he fishes commercial rockfish with.
    We also have a 38' Ex-troller which we have to sell this summer.

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  3. baddogg

    baddogg Well-Known Member

    14 ft. Princecraft with 20 horse evinrude
    18 ft. Malibu hardtop with volvo in/out
    26 ft. Campion Victoria

    Hmmm, a bit of a trend here. They all caught fish nicely however.
  4. alley cat

    alley cat Active Member

    O.K. from first to the present :

    1966 home built aluminum crummy boat from Nitinat lake Moore-Whittington camp.(16 ft)35 HP Evinrude

    1985 Kencraft 14 ft fiberglass 40 HP Evinrude

    1998 Livingston 18 ft 115 HP Yamaha, 8 HP Yamaha 4 stroke
    Sounder, Scotty electric downriggers etc etc

  5. saltspringer

    saltspringer Member

    1977 22ft aquasport cc with a ford 350 v drive which I have had for 15 years and hope to have for 15 more. Replaced engine once..still a great boat. Before that I had a Roballo cc 16 footer with outboard.
  6. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    1974 - 14-1/2' edson with 50 merc(deceased)/60hp johnson

    1989 - 16' k&c with 50hp evinrude(deceased)/50hp honda

    scotty electrics,black box,gps etc.

  7. Pescadero

    Pescadero Guest

    16 ft Aluminum Valco with 6 hp kicker. Long gone.

    About a dozen different drift boats over the years: They have ranged from the first old water logged, home made one, I got suckered into, on up to several good wood, aluminum and glass boats. Current one is a 16-foot fiberglass Clackacraft with 7.5 hp Merc kicker.

    Have also had a variety of inflatables, used for running the Deschutes, Clackamas and coastal rivers in Oregon, as well as coastal streams in Washington State.

    20 foot Alumaweld Jet Sled, with 200 hp Merc & pump. It has an 8 hp Merc kicker.
    Currently use it a lot for some great fun on white water rivers.

    41 foot West Coast Troller, built in Nanaimo by Joseph McClellen. Took her out of the fishing fleet, refurbed her and use her for salt-water stuff, as well as a live aboard during the summer and on vacations..
  8. 12' springbok,6hp evinrude grandparents bought new for me in '73.Still own.Killed a ton of fish in Active Pass in that rig.
    18' grew,470 merc.another great fish catcher.
    21.5 glasply,470 merc.still own.
    28 glasply c/b ,twin 4.3 mercs.all the newest electronics etc.Don't know if it catches fish yet.New to me.

    a total MILF.Man I Love Fishing
  9. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    You should store one in my driveway <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
  10. frango

    frango Member

    Malibu 182 135 Mariner with a 10 yam 4 stroke kicker.Great boat.The mariner is getting on so I may need to repower some day,but I will keep the boat.
  11. scottyboy

    scottyboy Guest

    94,16` double eagle . new 90hp evinrude e-tec, older 9.9johnson sea horse , scotty electrics , back box ,global map gps . love it .oh and it catches fish tooo . she goes up to 45 mph . name "fish"

    tight lines
  12. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    17 1/2 double eagle with 2005 90 horse and 9.9 Yammies.Name of "No Rigours". Catches fish but no halibut so far !
  13. nootka

    nootka Member

    We've got a sweet 18 foot silver streak with a 130 and 9.9 Hondas.

    Scotty electrics and Garmin fishfinder/GPS.

  14. 1997 17'6" Double Eagle with 115hp Yammy and 9.9 Yammy. Now my brothers boat!!

    2004 20'9" Grady White center console with 200hp Yammy 4stroke and 8hp yammy kicker. Furuno GPS/Chartplotter/fishfinder and all the works of a great fishing boat for the west and east coast waters of VI! Oh yeah she catches lot's of fish to her name is the "Knuckle Buster"

    2004 Grady White 20'9" center console with T-Top, 225hp Yammy 4 stroke with 50hrs on boat and motor, lowrance Gps/fishfinder, VHF, 2004 McClain aluminum I beam tandem axle trailer. And all the grady White goodies. Unfortunately I can only afford one so this one's for sale, Motor is warrantied till 2010. It was to be my brother's new guide boat but he's heading back to the charlottes (better fishing) and thus isn't own boat guiding on the island . First $70,000 takes it. Over $100,000 new.

    Future Boat Grady White 30'6" Bimini cneter console with twin 300hp yammy 4 strokes. Oh I can only dream!!!!

    I do the Fishing, God does the Catching!
  15. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    You poor thing only one grady white fishing machine? how will you manage? lol id kill for one
  16. Reel Knotty

    Reel Knotty Member


    I guess I'll get back to you when I finish building it in a month or so.
    15.5 ft hull and a 50 on the back is all I can tell you right now.
    Used to be a Hourston, but the only remnent of that is the basic hull. Gee I really hope it "FLOATS" (Fishes Like Over Achieving Tyee Slayers). LOL!!!
  17. Kelly I'd gladly sell it to you.....


    I do the Fishing, God does the Catching!
  18. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    hey scottyboy... are you happy with your e-tec so far ?
    are they as good as the reports say ?

  19. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    i told u kelly you can come with me any time :)

    1977 K&C 17ft. Inboard outboard
    1989 27 ft. Grady White Walkaround, twin 200 2-stroke yammies $$$ haha...garmin gps chartplotter, raytheon 16mile, 2 vhf, penn downriggers,

    To fish or not to fish,
    What a stupid question!
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, and he will sit on a boat drinking beer for a life time :D
    TGIF =Thank God It Floats
  20. Yote

    Yote Member

    I use a 12 foot Springbock for the lakes and occasional crabbing run and use my 96 Malibu 182 with 130 HP four stroke 2003 Honda and a 2005 8hp Honda four stroke kicker for the salt and freshwater sports with the family. I am very impressed with the malibu so far as it gets me to Swiftsure no problem, most days, and is also a good looker for when we hit Shawnigan or elk for some tubing with the wife and kids. It goes by the name Bobb'n Mona.

    Oh, and yes she does catch fish.

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