Your Favorite Freshwater Month And Why

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Dan, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Dan

    Dan Member

    As someone who has been actively fishing for only 9 months or so, I'm interested in hearing what the non noobs have to say on this.
    ....shoot !
  2. kunni

    kunni Active Member

    probably may, because I can slay smallies in the morning, and still get trout. early may is the best, because the bass are spawning, and easy to catch, but the trout are still active, because it is not into the heart of summer. I am still a bit of a noob, especially with the bass.

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  3. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Every month has its times..

    That goes for lakes, rivers, and chuck.

    Right place at the right time.. I've got 20 inch trout out of Glen lake shore fishing dry flies in December.. Doubt I'll duplicate it but it was a fun couple days
  4. kunni

    kunni Active Member

    is glen lake any good, always seen it on a map next to langford. can I launch a cartopper there?

  5. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Its a good drag.. Go try it.
  6. River Rat

    River Rat Member

    June = Chironomid fishing the High Country.
  7. Red Carey

    Red Carey Member

    End of June beginning of July on Sheridan Lake. The Traveller Sedge fly hatch is heart stopping. Nothing like it except may be steel on a dry.
  8. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    May and June in Kamloops
    lots of fly action, great hatches
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  9. CVmike

    CVmike Active Member

    I'd have to say either trolling plugs around the river mouths in the big lakes in November, or basically all through spring flyfishing nymphs and dry flies.
  10. All depends on the lake i think. smaller stocked lakes for bait fishing id say april is the best month
  11. Mourning Wood

    Mourning Wood Member

    November on Cowichan has been good for me as well with the plugs. Killer trout full of kokanee and you snag the odd spawned out salmon on the light gear.

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