Your 2017 Conservation Stamp! ... PSF art competition winner announced

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  1. Each year the Pacific Salmon Foundation hosts an art competition to determine the image that will be on the following years Salmon Conservation Stamp. After collecting entries throughout 2016, last night in Vancouver a winner was chosen by our panel of 9 judges. We are pleased to announce that the winning artist is Nick Laferierre and his description of the artwork is below. Look for this to be on your 2017 Salmon Conservation Stamp and remember that 100% of the $6 stamp proceeds come to PSF to be distributed out through our Community Salmon Program that supports 100's of volunteer led salmon conservation groups in BC! Congrats Nick and if anyone else would like to enter a piece for next years competition please let us know.

    Titled “Passing the torch," the artwork is a visual tale of Sockeye salmon and Rainbow Trout depicting the delicate balance of the circle of life. It illustrates the almost impossible odds that salmon face on their journey to return to their natal streams. This piece is meant to bring attention to the importance of protecting spawning habits and ensuring a bright future for B.C.'s iconic fish.

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