you have 30 days to comment on the new Bill C38 Habitat Provisions in the Gazette

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by agentaqua, Apr 16, 2013.

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    3 big changes to Fisheries Act by Harper and con-men:

    Chinese wait for enbridge approval - bad.

    Kill non-commercial fish - who cares?

    If nobody can prove "seriousness" of habitat alteration - OK.

    Other points:

    Definition: "public good" all up to minister appointed by PM.

    As long as there is no "impacts on competitiveness in the regional, national or international markets" - that's really what matters.

    Substitute "predictible" for "approval to harm".

    Growth and Long-term Prosperity - not refering to you but those with chinese stock portfolio.
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    Wow, this sounds like some seriously bad BS the Feds are trying to do here. We need to make a big stink about this one people!!!!
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    From what I can see its not like we have a option there just stating this is how its going to work now. Like 60 days is enough time to review proposals, it will be like mining proposals, allow,allow,allow.. I think there was someone like the one Copper River headwater one that was denied in bc out of 150 or something.

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