Yeti Coolers - worth the price?

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  1. demco99

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    I'm looking to buy two coolers to place behind the helm seats on port and starboard that will also serve as seating while running and trolling. I will post a pic later to show this better. My question is what to buy. The two seats aren't equal in size so I will need two different length coolers but they will be uniform in height. I will use these for storing perishables when cruising so they will need to keep food cold for 3/4 days. Are Yeti's worth the price?
  2. pescador

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    Yes, I have a couple. Had them now 6 plus years. Expensive, but, they take a beating, and, more importantly, the ice lasts twice as long as it does in my Coleman or other lower end coolers. I sit on mine as well as I have it mounted at center of the stern. Make sure you get the tie down system they sell to keep them stable on the deck.
  3. reelbender

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    Yes, they are definetly worth it. Ice last 5+ days up at the cabin last summer. I have 4 Yeti's from a Roadie up to a 125, There is a company out of Edmonton (under water kinetics) thats where i got mine from, best prices shipped to your door in Canada i found
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    There are better option I like the igloo Yukon. There is a consumer report on YouTube that shows how the yeti performs
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    Got a a Yukon and I may lose 15 % of my shaved ice after 5 days...:) Its the cooler I use to re ice the fish on the way home...:)
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    I have a commercial half tote and a couple of these......

    They make quite a few different sizes that might suit your application better. They are tough as nails, you can jump on them, sit on them, kick them out of the back of the truck etc. They are not that expensive either. They keep ice pretty well (better than a standard Igloo 150) but probably not as good as a Yeti or similar. I think Yeti's are over priced for what they are IMHO. Engel makes some nice coolers as well...... but they are right up there in price too.

  7. Franko Manini

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    Check this out. Shootout test between Yeti, Coleman Extreme, Engel, IRP, and Igloo.

    Best bang for the buck = Coleman Extreme

    If you look closely, the Coleman performs better than the Yeti, and about as well as the IRP and Engel. All of these coolers do really well out to 4 days, and some out to 8 days. Neat little shootout test.
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  9. JAC

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    Ya that is the one I watched on you tube. Yeti spends serious dollars on marketing.
  10. Check out the igloo Yukon series.. I picked up the 70 $200 off at west marine for 370 ish. Better handles, drain than the yeti's..
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    I looked at the Yeti but instead decided on the Coleman Esky.
    I really like the out great for a extra seat or two, doesn't slid around on the deck, and a couple bags of ice will last for day.
    Besides............its a whole lot cheaper

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    wow, those suckers look nice but sure are expensive.
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    Here is my 105 Yeti, put a block, 2 bags of party ice and a home made block in it last thursday morning, was in & out of the cooler Thursday evening and all day Saturday. Cleaned the boat this afternoon(tuesday) and this is whats still left it it. Sure Yeti's are lots $$ but i think there worth it.
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