Yanmar to a VP DP outdrive

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  1. kanuckle head

    kanuckle head Active Member

    A 6LY UTE came to my lap, I have dun some research & no adapter plt is available, but the interweb showz folks that have successfully matched an undertaking

    Yanmar builds a new outdrive, pricey & early in her judgment stage for match'n a diesels longevity

    Iz it worth the effort in matching a 290 outdrive, built for a VP diesel in a 260HP range. to match it to a Yanmar 315HP

    Ps note I have knowledge in having shafts cut in my specified dimentionz & metallurgic-ally heat treated, for strength
    and my passion is make'n what most say cannot B Dun, with limits

    Worth it???

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  2. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Active Member

    Why dont you use the standard Bravo 2 or 3? I think the horsepower from the 6LY would lay waste to the smaller volvo gear sets. The Bravo2 is a bullet proof leg in my opinion.

  3. IMO the Volvo Penta Duoprop is unmatched by mercruiser's standards


    Yes larger gears & larger shafts on Merks B111 but will not last on diesels massive torque
  4. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Active Member

    Yanmars come with Bravo drives, so do John deers. Id like to see what happens to a VP gear set behind 315 HP. I already have a pretty good idea. I have seen them chew through many of the earlier Bravo3 upper gear sets.
  5. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    Commercial grade bravo 3 ...
  6. Ofishal

    Ofishal Member

    I believe yanmar has their own drives, the cummins used the mercruiser. Vp used their own drives 280's,290's and now the DPH
  7. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Active Member

    YEa, I think Yanmar has their own outdrives now. It has been a few years since I wrenched at a Yanmar dealer. I still think it would be a huge risk coupling a VP drive rated for 260hp with a 315 Yanmar, unless Volvo has come out with a larger variation?
  8. From all chatter on Yanmar coupling on the interwweb, seems merk had their chance & Yanmar had to make its changes & make it themselves. Failing Bravo drives, as they are known for

    Less chatter on the north American design DPH, let alone the beefed model DPR. of Volvo Penta!!
  9. Ofishal

    Ofishal Member

    They have but it aint cheap:mad:

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  10. SHOW OFF:D:p;)
  11. kanuckle head

    kanuckle head Active Member

    I CONCUR................x2
  12. kanuckle head

    kanuckle head Active Member

    Got some info on match'n Yanmar to Volvo
    Looks doable but, in parts collect'n ..................not this year


    Len, the AQ series drives are Borg Warner capable. Borg Warner is Borg Warner all day long, and is an industry standard name.
    The Yanmar 6LY flywheel cover would need to be Borg Warner also.
    Our member Wayne Miller used this system to get his OMC 460 to a Volvo Penta DP-C1 drive several years ago.
    It was relatively simple, and nothing was butchered up or make-shift.

    You would not be able to use this Yanmar flywheel cover.

    You'd need to ask your Yanmar dealer for a Borg Warner F/C, or locate a good used one.
    The 6 bolt Borg Warner pattern will look like this:


    You'll need the Heavy Duty B/W drive coupler as well.

    Once you get to B/W, then you'll need a B/W -slash- Volvo Penta PDS adapter housing that will take you to the Volvo Penta AQ series transom shield.
    You will need SEQ #3 and the PDS and bearings/seals. ..... you can omit the other items and use the above drive coupler, or similar.

    Basically, you will be replacing this gasoline engine arrangement.................

    ....... with this (example only).

    One catch..... the B/W --- Volvo Penta adapter housing is from late 70's/early 80's and were typically course spline at the AFT end (female yoke end).
    The fine spline PDS can be used in this housing.

    With this much torque and horse power, I'd suggest going to an "A" transmission....... as in 290A, SP-A, DP-A etc, and most definitely having new main drive gear bearings installed.

    There may be a second method using the larger 10 bolt pattern flywheel cover and PDS adapter housing.
    This would also be Volvo Penta OEM.

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  13. nemesis

    nemesis Guest

    Hi Kh,

    I just finished putting a 6LP-STZE in front of a Volvo DPS-M transom and drive. It's in a 24ft Silverhawk center console. After 20 hrs it runs well... so far so good. Haven't used it enough to tell how it is on fuel.

  14. sawgrinder

    sawgrinder New Member

    True World Marine TE 288 walk around uses a yanmar/aquadrive/bravo 3x. check out there site


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