Yammy or Racor fuel filter??

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  1. Sitkaspruce

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    So along the same lines a Sharphooks post, I was wondering if the fuel filter I run is good enough?? No problems so far, 2007 yammy with 230 hours on it...knock on wood.....

    I use a yammy fuel filter and change it every 100 hours or every season, what ever comes first, but I have been told to forget the yammy filter and just buy a Racor, as you get to see what is in the bowl and you can just drain the crap off without changing the filter.

    What do you boat and motor guru's recommend?? Stay with the yammy filter or spend the money and buy a racor??

    Also what type of gas stabilizer do you recommend. I fill up my tank at the end of the season, but have never used stabi before (usually get out a couple times in the winter, but last year I did not.). Do you just pour it in, or do I pour it in and drive around to get it mixed up???

    And along the same topic, what hoses should I switch to if I am worried about the ethanol in the gas eating away my lines??

    Winter projects are already on my mind.....


  2. danthewire

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    I use a racor S3213 it has the clear bowl with the drain.
    50 bucks for the filter and bowl, (mount is extra)
    It has saved my ass more than once, yesterday got some bad gas, noticed it right away in the racor pumped the tank dry blew all the lines out went fishing this morning with no problems.
    I know what places to buy fuel and where not to buy fuel just by the amount of crap/water i clean out.
    Cheap insurance.
  3. Island Fish Lifter

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    With your outboard application, you can have a see through plastic bowl and drain any water from time to time. THe filter is large and can usually get two or three seasons without being changed. IF you get water in it, you do not have to change the filter, just drain the water out.
  4. BearCove

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    You can't go wrong with a Racor system, they are the best and will more then pay for itself over the time you have you engine. I have one on my boat I have just over 1600 hrs on my 06 Yammys and they haven't missed a beat, plan on getting a lot more hours on yours before it's done, especially if you treat it right.

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