Yammi 90 4 stroke Trouble shoot

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  1. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Not my motor-trying to help a friend. Motor is 6 years old-has run well probably 10 hours this year on this years gas. On questioning him turns out he put a tank of last years unstabalized gas jn it this weekend and funny old thing -ran for 200 yards coughed and quit. He says it turns over- so what to check-drain all hoses and flush the filters with fresh gas--check it is not an airleak in the fuel line---Anything else I should do or try before he takes it to a dealer? Just trying to do the guy a favour as he is in Van and the boat is in comox. Thanks
  2. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    No big deal-not bad gas at all-just a bad O ring on a fuel hose-he had a double hose-if he had tried the other one it would have worked and not wrecked a week-end trip to Nootka. Sometimes the smallest things can do it to you. Not an expensive fix ---unless he decides to give me all the scotch or beer I can drink. LOL

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