Yamaha Kicker Throttle Control on Tiller Handle Broken

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  1. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    So the Rubber Grip or what lies beneath it appears to have broken on my 6 HP kicker. I am hoping it is an easy fix. I am guessing it is the part labelled as #10 and held on by screw #13. Has anyone removed /replaced one of these as it is as straightforward as it seems? Any wisdom is appreciated. 1f4856b5833022192f69b9eb3f0c8710.png
  2. gungadin

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    I think your kicker is blessed with two throttle control cables. #17 which attach to #4. There may or may not be a cover on the underside of your tiller, but in any event you need to get at those cables to ensure they are not seized inside. Disconnect them from the rod and try moving the inner cables to move the throttle at the engine. If they are stiff or seized the throttle won't move. If after disconnecting the cables the rubber handle wont turn you know it is in the handle itself. The rubber handle should be connected to part #4 and when you twist the throttle #4 should turn.
  3. CatchAll

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    I replaced part number 10 before. Had one snap near the middle. Take out screw 13 and the handle slides off. The outer rubber number 9 can be hard to get off. Heat it up with hot water.
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  4. SeaWolf

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    I got the old one off and half of it out of the grip. Now to wrestle the other half out. Strange design with the end being weighted with a large metal slug yet hollow plastic where it broke. 14 years on the back of the boat caught up to it.

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