WTB Scotty Downrigger Manual Long Arm

Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by BDog Fisher, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. BDog Fisher

    BDog Fisher Member


    I am looking to purchase 1 Scotty Manual downrigger with an extendable arm.

    I have 2 electrics already, this would be a 3rd to run shallow down the middle for lake Kokanee salmon fishing.

    The most current model I interested in is the #1090 long arm with base. Also if just selling swivel base maybe interested.


    Located in Fraser Valley.
  2. Normfish

    Normfish Well-Known Member

    Crap , I have 2 that I was going to list on here as I just upgraded to electric . Never hurts to have a spare .
  3. BDog Fisher

    BDog Fisher Member

    Still looking for one. BTT

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