WTB FlyBridge ONLY! for Hourston 23'

Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by Robert Snyder, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Hey guys does anyone have a flybridge for the 23'er. rails and ladder to give away? Please let me know thanks,,,
  2. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Ewe,, don’t put a flybridge on it.

    Your boat do as you want but I wouldn’t, wrecks the nice lines of the Hurston. Personnel opinion of course.
  3. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    lol, wife likes it, trying to find one to have a looksi... thx ya
  4. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    I know allot of guys discard them so trying to get one just see...
  5. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with "Walleyes",the bridge will ruin the 23,make it more unstable and add windage .If you want a bridge go find a 26,much better riding hull too.Now you know why "two-foot-itis" exists.
  6. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    For the amount you use a bridge really not worth it and then you need more steering helms and controls and such to pair with it all gets rather expensive...
  7. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Lol, thank you for your advice, 26’ is NOT an option the 23’ is pushing my towing limits :) and NO I’m not getting a replacement vehicle ;)
  8. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    I used to run a boat with a bridge on it can tell really cool when sunny and flat calm but with a bit of chop and swell its a bit scary up that high
  9. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Hey Wolf, Wife wants it as condition of purchase, lol
  10. Birdman

    Birdman Active Member

    Get her a folding camp chair, a life jacket, and some duct tape. On a calm day tape the chair to the roof. Give her the life jacket and send her up to go enjoy the fly bridge.

    Other than being helpful for spotting surface tuna when doing that game offshore here, it adds nothing really positive and lots of negatives, speaking from personal experience.
  11. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Ahhh, be nice lol, it’s still up in the air. If my wife doesn’t enjoy the boat nor will I
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  12. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    There has got to be someone with a flybridge out-there since everyone has removed them, or are you guys secretly hanging onto them for your wife's but just don't want to admit it, LOL
  13. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Active Member

    I think what everyone on here is trying to tell you in a polite way, based on their experience, is that she won’t enjoy the flybridge either. You certainly won’t enjoy the estheticics, increased windage, decrease in stability, and increased cost associated with two stations. But hey, do as you please :)
  14. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Well thank you to all for being polite :cool:
  15. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    I spent a lot of time $ getting a stand-up head for the wife and for the amount she comes on the boat it really wasn't worth it. https://nanaimo.craigslist.org/boa/d/nanaimo-houston-glasscraft-flybridge/6949539444.html Didn't even know you could get a 23 flybridge in any boat. Might be easier and cheaper in the long run to just buy it. With a diesel that is a pretty dam rare boat. Wish I had seen that two years ago, pre my 2 footitis that turned into 7.5itis. PS don't weight it if tow vehicle is an issue, I'd guess a flybridge would add 1000lbs?
  16. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Not a chance that flybridge weighs 1000# maybe 100-200 at most
  17. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Hey Kaelc, ya nice boat indeed, my issue is the engine, only a 130hp, great for puttering around but that can hardy get on plane with a few people.

    I know and understand the “wife thing”, this boat will be on the Shuswaps with mother-in-law and who knows who else so need to make it comfortable... I’m not a die hard fisherman like many others so this needs to be dual purpose “all around” boat.

    Thank you for you time and perspectives. I know it is good to discuss these things and bounce around ideas and opinions but at the end of the day I’m still just looking for a discarded Flybridge and accessories and since they are so disliked there must be a ton of them kicking around and like Casper there is no way it weights a 1000lbs, it can’t.
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  18. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

  19. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

  20. BCI

    BCI Crew Member

    Try that boat before you worry about the 170hp. Diesel HP has roughly twice the torque of equivalent gas. As an example my boat weights 18,000 pounds and has a single 6 cylinder 400hp diesel. Gets on plane no problem and cruises all day long at 28-30mph with a top speed of 35mph. Anything faster and you're just finding wood (the expensive way) in our waters.

    If my boat weights 18,000 and has 400 diesel hp and does well, the math would suggest if your load is 7650 pounds you should perform the same with 170hp. (This assumes wetted surface pressures would remain the same, which they will not).

    In any case, try it or at least inquire about the performance before you just assume 170 diesel turbo charged hp won't do the job.
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