Would this work on our lower Fraser

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    Pink fishery just around the corner, in these days the upper Fraser fresh water gong show is one to avoid but years in the past when anchored & waiting for the optimum tide that triggers the humpies to bite a fly on a fly rod or a pink spoon chucked by gear
    4 years ago the last humpy, sock run I dropped a kwik fish on the rod holder cuz I was tired of fly chuking with no result & with a very sore arm
    That rod peeled off and I set the hook but I could not stop the quarry. That day I was not running the quick release anchor, I attempted to haul the anchor but the only diving lure I had in the box was taken by something bigger than me playing with humpies
    Saw this vid on WFN & the Columbia cousins seem to have this type of targeted fishery dialed


    Any one have luck in annoying springs to bite other than Christmas tree ornament spin& glows

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