Words cant describe how dumb this is!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by wolf, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. sasqman

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    Classic Family Guy!
  2. Kildonan

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    I’ve seen more than one guy shit themselves mentally when it’s go time at first light and there’s a lineup waiting to launch. They just can’t back down straight with all those eyes on them. One time the launcher screwing up was DFO. I was dying of second hand embarrassment for them as the truck and trailer were jackknifed almost completely across a double wide boat launch. :D:D
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  3. Rain City

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    When I had my bowrider I jumped in guys trucks and backed them down myself more than once.
  4. Rickeoni

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    I have been backing trailers for decades, still gives me butterflies at the launch, with all those eye upon me.
  5. wolf

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    Some good stories .. in the good old days (like 12 yrs ago) sunny shores boat ramp was a zoo and great entertainment as well as its only a single launch and guys would get pissed waiting... One day guy comes down on top of ramp unties boat and safety hook, as soon as he makes the downward slope yes you guess it boat slides right off and he continues to push the boat backwards for about 10 feet completely filing off the back end of boat.... then asks us to help him "lift" the boat back on .... ummm no
    Said best thing to do is put winch cable back on and start cranking. and call it a day... he did put on trailer and some major damage was evident, I said may want to fix that as you dont want to saturate that as repairing wet fiberglass is no good..... HE WENT FISHING!!!!! a month later We saw him again he said repair shop had to wait forever to get water out of hull .... there is always another day to fish...
  6. scott craven

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    Yup, done this a few times
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  7. ericl

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    It's not if; it's when on that one
  8. Salmon Seeker

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    In the video you can see that the actual ramp is 50ft or so to the right of where he's trying to launch. That said, it is definitely not a low tide launch. its a big flat bay and it doesnt get deeper than that for a long ways out.
  9. Pineapple Express

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    I used to launch there for work quite a bit. We needed the tide level at 8ft or better to launch/recover.
  10. agentaqua

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    I remember 1 incident a few years back at an unnamed launch - where a couple had returned from fishing and the guy running his boat dropped his presumably wife off to get the truck and trailer and back it up to meet the boat (This was before everyone had a camera on their phones and access to Facebook within 20 minutes).

    She was obviously a little overwhelmed being on display and a bit flustered and was panicking a bit. So she was over correcting while backing up so some of the rest of the onlookers like myself were offering some verbal support (i.e. that's ok just turn your wheel a bit to you left, etc.) but her husband decided to loose it on her instead - yelling & abusing her and swearing and calling her names (f-ing stupid, etc.) from the safety of the boat.

    Well... that went over like a lead balloon with the rest of us - who were (or i was anyways) thinking of clocking the guy - but by that time had the boat up behind the truck and trying to jump onboard the truck to take control. At 1 time he almost fell into the water - and myself and the others offered up a collective cheer of "Ya @sshole - I hope you go in, etc.".

    Long story short - after 20-30 minutes of watching this debacle - he finally got the boat in on the trailer with only his pants wet and squealed his tires getting otta there. I sure hope that trip ended-up in a divorce for the lady's sake. Nobody deserves that kind of abuse from anyone. Maybe he's the same guy in the minivan. I sure hope so.

    Also had someone "remove/steal" one of those wrenched-in plugs for a sealed self-bailing hull on me before when I wasn't around - and I forgot to check since I never removed that plug when the boat was winterized - and launched w/o checking. I won't make that mistake again, neither. I always double check just before launch - and have a bail-out pump onboard as well - for myself and anyone else that needs it.
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  11. RiverBoy

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    i guarantee some divorces have originated at the launch over guys like that. Luckily my wife can back a trailer as good if not better than I.
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