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    After talking to a gentleman at Wood Lake, wa decided to try to fish Kalamalka Lake. The word at wood lake was no fish in that lake. We would like to say the same thing about Kalamalka Lake. We tried a couple of different presentations anywhere from 15ft down as far as 30 ft. deep. We never found any marks on the finder indicating there were fish in the area. We launched from the boat ramp off of HWY 97 and headed over to the east shore and then back to the west shore south of the boat ramp. Any advice on what to do and where to go in the morning.
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    I assume you were fishing for Kokanee. Funny you say you heard there were no fish in Wood. It has been very very slow to start this year, but I've marked lots of fish on the sonar. Water temperature not quite in the zone. Usually this time of year is decent on Wood. Kal Lake is so big, finding schools of Kokanee can be a challenge. There are not that many either when compared to Okanagan Lake. You could try jigging for Lakers using a white Buzz Bomb if Kokanee is slow.
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    In the Thursday Kelowna Capital News there was an article about Woods Lake and the discovery of lots of dead fish over the last year and lack of Kokanee. The Gov scientist sonared the lake and confirmed the fish stocks are way down and attribute it to pollution and increased lakeshore development. They are hoping they can determine the cause of the problem and make corrections to increase the stocks back to their past numbers.

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