Winter/Spring small shaker reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Bugs, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    I have posted similar requests in the past, but having another shot in case there is some new info. We (UVic researchers) are interested in hearing reports of where folks are (or have in the past) encountered small Chinook during winter and early spring in the Strait of Georgia. Focus is on the period from December to April... not the fall (September/October) when these small fish are quite widespread.

    Particularly we are interested in fish less than 35 cm (~14 inches) which would be in their first ocean winter (most of these will in fact be less than 30 cm (12 inches). Any and all reports or suggestions are appreciated.
  2. tekrunr

    tekrunr Member

    Very many of them at the hump off French Creek on Wednesday (Dec. 6). Had to be literally thousands around, they were even jumping and swimming around at the surface. We stopped fishing after catching several, and yes ... they were gently released using a gaff without lifting them. We changed to biggest spoons we had, and they were still biting stuff just a bit smaller than they were. There was a lot of surface feed also, easily marked by a couple thousand birds here and there.
  3. Ken J

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    Hi Will,

    FYI, Released a 12"cher at Camp Bing this past Tuesday. DNA sampelled a 22" fish as well but no stomach this time.

  4. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    Thanks tekrunr! That is very interesting. Are you confident that these were Chinook and not Coho.... as the surface behaviour might be more typical of what would be expected of Coho... although.... we have pretty poor handle on what these little guys do in the winter in general!
  5. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    Thanks Ken! and thanks for the stomach samples, picked them up from Bon Chovy yesterday, should analyze next week. 2017 data summary coming before Christmas. Your contribution is much appreciated!
  6. tekrunr

    tekrunr Member

    Hi Bugs, it was a mix of coho and smaller springs. The coho were around 14 to 16 inches, springs were at most 12 to 13 inches. I originally thought it was just coho out there, but when we strayed off the hump, we picked up the smaller springs, downriggers were at 230 feet trying to avoid the coho. Greener, and as my friend remarked - "more trouty looking".
  7. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    That's really interesting thanks. So those little springs were all the way down at 230? Did you see what the feed was on the surface? Bait fish or krill?
  8. Ken J

    Ken J Member

    Looking forward to seeing the findings. Keep up the good work!!!
  9. fishin_magician

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    Bugs. Incoming PM.
  10. robertg

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    interesting that you found so many small fish around French Creek, whatever they are feeding on has also kept about 5 Humpback whales in the area as well, we have been watching them from our back deck almost on a daily basis up until 4 days ago.

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