Wild Salmon 2017 Cohen Inquiry update: recommendations are still being "acted on," not completed

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    37 million wasted on the Cohen inquiry. Should of just donated the money to groups like the PSF.

    It's all budgetary restraints put on DFO. That 37 million from the Cohen Inquiry came right out of DFO's pocket and things like enforcement, habitat restoration and biologists have shrank or been layed off as a result.

    That 37 million for the inquiry should of came out of general revenue and not out of DFO's budget.

    You want DFO to enact on the inquiry they need a larger budget from Ottawa. U think JT is going to take the money from other programs like child care? hell no

    The problem is a very small portion of the population put salmon ahead of things like child care, Taxes, Housing prices,

    see anything about salmon on their platform? https://www.bcliberals.com/platform/

    The onlything they have on their whole platform is this

    Growing the agrifood and seafood sectors on Vancouver Island
    Growing the agrifood and seafood sectors on Vancouver Island

    Creating jobs and opportunities on Vancouver Island
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    What nonsense... so this is why you joined this site. Your slip is showing.
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    I joined this site for Fishing Reports....
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    So did aa, lol!
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    This Forum and this thread is to discuss the Cohen Inquiry's recommendations that are not completed. There is another Forum for Fishing Roports maybe you should look there for reports.
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    Thanks bully, you are everything that is wrong with this world.

    "within its mandate and resources "

    But sure money has nothing to do with it we are going to fund it with buttercups and rainbows...

    "in response to the complex picture that emerged after reviewing thousands of documents and hearing from nearly 200 witnesses and experts, Justice Cohen made 75 recommendations that are considered here under the themes of Wild Salmon Policy (WSP), Fisheries Management, Habitat, Aquaculture, and Science. Action on the Cohen recommendations is part of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) ministerial mandate letter, and progress on these actions is tracked through the Departmental Results Report, which is publically available. Since the release of these recommendations, DFO has reviewed each recommendation to ensure that the Department is doing all that it can within its mandate and resources to address the health and long-term sustainability of Fraser River sockeye salmon stocks, as well as wild Pacific salmon more broadly. This document provides a detailed review, by theme, of the 75 recommendations and work in the past 12 months."

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    As the OP pointed out the Politicians are changing the term "implemented" to "acted upon"
    The Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River was headed by Justice Bruce Cohen and in 2012 culminated in an 1100 page final report and 75 recommendations, covering habitat protection, salmon farming, hatchery management, fisheries management, and more. The current government committed to implementing the Cohen recommendations.

    While this progress report, like the one in 2016, is an important demonstration of transparency, many details in the report are disingenuous and disappointing.

    This year’s update attempts to replace the true intentions of fully implementing Justice Cohen’s recommendations with simply “acting” on the recommendations (meaningfully or not).

    The 2017 update reports on 64 out of 75 recommendations that have been “acted upon.” While this is a good start, the recommendations were intended to be fully completed, not just “acted upon.” Many of the recommendations have deadlines attached to them, which have long since lapsed. Implementing Cohen’s recommendations has never been more important. This year’s sockeye return to the Fraser River was one of the lowest on record.

    There are numerous examples of Cohen recommendations that have not been completed, the following are just a few.
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