"Wicked Marlin" Pelagic Adventures in Cabo San Lucas

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    Hey Guys,

    Bear Cove Cottages is expanding its operation to Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja Mexico. Our new Mexican expansion is called "Wicked Marlin" and will be operating out of Cabo San Lucas, Los Barriles on the East Cape of Baja and out of Pescadero on the west side of the Baja.

    We have been fishing the waters in and around Cabo San Lucas for over 12 years, it's is one of the most spectacular sports fishing areas we have ever fished. Our season will run for two months, mid October through mid December. Over my years down there we have found that this is the best time to fish for all species.

    Wicked Marlin will be offering All-Inclusive fishing packages for large Pelagic fish like Black and Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sword Fish, and Yellowfin Tuna.

    We will also be offering inshore light tackle packages where we sight fish for Dorado, Tuna, Rooster Fish and Sierra.

    Our All-Inclusive package will include everything once you arrive at San Jose Del Cabo airport.

    Here's what included,

    -Airport transfers to and from your luxury accommodations
    -All your meals
    -Fishing Licences
    -Fully guided days on the water
    -Fish processing
    -All top of the line gear

    You just need to get yourself on the airplane, once you land we will take care of the rest.

    All packages are custom built to suit each group and cost is dependant on type of fishing you want to do, how many days you want to fish and number of people in your group.

    Give us a call and let us help set up that "Bucket List" fishing trip you have always wanted to do.

    Check out our website at http://www.bearcovecottages.ca/outpost-trips/
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    Hey Guys,

    Thought I would throw it out there for anyone that may be interested in any tournament fishing down on the southern tip. Two amazing tournaments to be a part of during the time frame that we are offering up our all-inclusive packages.

    I'm sure everyone has heard of the https://www.bisbees.com

    One of the richest if not thee richest fishing tournament in the world. Chase after some of the biggest Black and Blue Marlin on the planet

    This is a amazingly fun tournament, hunting after giant Yellow Fin Tuna, cow tuna as they are often referred too. Hooking into one of these and playing it out will make halibut fishing look easy. http://www.loscabostunajackpot.com

    If anyones interested in either of these derbies let me know and we can get it set up.

    Or just come down, try your hand at some light tackle Dorado fishing, maybe give a Stripped Marlin a go, all while in your flip flops having a cold beer.

    Any questions about these packages give me a call at 1-877-949-7939 or email at info@bearcovecottages.ca

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    Hey Crew,

    Thought I would drop a link here to the property where we host out guests down on the Baja. We are located in Pescadero, about 35 min drive north of Cabo San Lucas on the pacific side of the Baja. Pescadero is a quaint little farming/fishing village that has everything needed to have a great time. Panga fishing is minutes away, big game in Cabo is a short drive. The property has 3 private casitas, pool, great room for entertaining.


    Bring down the wife or bring the boys down for some fishing fun in sunny Baja. I will be arriving in Baja on the 23rd of Sept and be ready to rock a few days after. I will be there till Christmas or there abouts so there is 12 weeks of solid fishing time. Some dates are already booked but still plenty of open space.

    Do not hesitate contacting us for any information on our custom tailored fishing adventures on southern Baja.

    Thanks to all that have already reached out for package information, hope we can get you all down there for some fishing fun in flip flops.

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    Morning Crew,

    The Wicked Marlin Team (my family and I) made it safely down the Baja arriving Saturday. The drive never ceases to amaze me, from desert to lush oasis, Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. We arrived to some overcast but temperature is quite nice.

    All set up at the new place, more than exceeded our expectations. 3 beautiful private casts all with private bathrooms and showers, pool, fully walled in for privacy, 4 minute walk to the beach and specula viewing deck. Heres a link if you haven't seen it already.


    Headed ut n the water Sunday for my first crack at it this year, loads up on gear in San Diego on the way down so I hope we have what we need. Fishing has been quite good from the reports I am hearing so hope it continues. Piles of Dorado, decent schools of Yellowfin and some great sight fishing for Roosters.

    Here is the company that we use in Todos Santos for our Panga fishing, first class operation, work hard and put you on fish.


    I will post how things go this weekend.

    Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you are interested in putting something together, we can customize any type of package for you. You just need to ge yourself to San Jose Del Cabo and we will take care of the rest.

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    Morning Crew,

    Amazing 1 day YellowFin tourney coming up on the 28th of October in Los Barriles.

    We still have a couple spaces to fill if anyone is interested?

    Biggest YellowFin takes home $21,000+ USD. There are also other prizes up for grabs.


    Check it Out!

    We can add everything else to this derby. Airport transfers, accommodations, meals, cocktails.

    All customized depending on how long you would like to stay and any more fishing you may want to do.

    Shoot us and email if your interested

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    Happy New Year to everyone, hope everyone have a safe and fun filled holidays

    Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that made the trek down south this winter and joined us on the tip of Baja.

    Pile a of fun was had, few cold beers drank and a pile of fish caught.

    We ironed out some bugs this year, will be streamlining a few more things over the summer and will be ready to go after it again next October.

    Give us a shout or shoot us an email if you are interested in some light tackle pelagic fishing in the southern tip of Baja Mexico next winter.

    We will be ramping up about mid October and running through mid January.

    Will be fishing a couple tournaments on the East Cape and one out of Cabo. Space is limited for these derbies so if you interested please contact us.

    You can check out our packaging and how things went this winter on our website at


    or our Facebook page at



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    Hey guys,

    Have a good friend mine that works in the TV world that does all our drone work for the first having shows

    He put this little clip together of what we are doing down in Baja. The property in the video is where our guests stay, you will also see the local area, where we launch and fish.



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