Which hook do you remove on crank baits?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Bruce44, May 3, 2019.

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    Single barbless hooks for river , streams and a few select lakes.
  3. paulo

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    As the pic shows, remove the front hook. I would add a small swivel to the back and replace with a single open eye in 1 or 1/0 size.
  4. Dogbreath

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    A plug/crankbait runs best when the weight/drag is concentrated in the middle-while the units in the pic are different shaped than yours the idea is the same-with those elongated baits I have at times added a tiny split ring then a swivel then another split ring and a tiny silver spinner blade-not too heavy.

    The 'Tomic style' setup as pictured is deadly on topwaters as well-note the hangnail created by bending the tip of the barbless hook.

  5. islandboy

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    "fish (with or without a rod) with one fishing line to which only one hook, one artificial lure OR one artificial fly is attached. "
    I believe the key word here is "OR". My understanding is the 'one artificial lure' may have two hooks attached to it if it is part of the same lure EXCEPT in streams, specific lakes AND where single barbless is a restriction.

    Confirmed with BC fish and wildlife May 10th. For example a rapala with two treble hooks may be used in a lake.
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    Just a bit of trivia hunt for you -- There's a river in B.C. that's exempt from the single barbless hook regulation. Yes, it's in the printed regulations. (hints - hoops, studs, drop, diamond)
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