What's for dinner tonight ?

Discussion in 'Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood' started by scott craven, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Ah right on ya Laksa is a Malaysian/Singaporean curry type spice/herb paste. Thought I recognized the look of the sauce :) I do the same type of herbs/spices with coconut milk to make my Thai and Singaporean style bisques and curries. I like the flavors much more than the thicker, deeper Indian types of curries.
    Thank you for the heads up of the mussels at Lobsterman. Gonna pick some up this week the. They sound delicious!
  2. Chasin' Dreams

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    Okanagan peach pie with cinnamon & nutmeg.




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    Tuna Time!






    SUPERB!!! [​IMG]

  4. Chasin' Dreams

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    Apple & Hickory smoked (locally farmed) baby back ribs (dry rubbed then spritzed with locally made cold pressed apple cider as it smokes uncovered for first three hours then wrapped in foil and finished in the smoker for another 3 hrs till just before the meat wants to fall off the bone) , my daughters sweet with heat (dry rubbed then blackened in cast iron with high heat then finished in the oven on lower temp with a citrus red pepper oil and garnished with home made dill cream sauce) spring salmon that she caught, home grown super sweet corn on the cob, home grown bbq'd potato/onion/garlic mix (in tinfoil with butter, herbs and spices on the barby till starts to caramalize), home grown tomato bocconcini salad with Italian aged balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and my wife's home made cast iron honey corn bread. The honey we buy from our neighbor's who have the bee hives. Trying to eat more and more locally sourced and grown foods. Next year we are doubling our fruits and veggies we are growing. This year we have been canning all kinds of fruits and veggies and supplying our other family members with them as well. Feels so good not relying completely on stores for food.










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    Nice montage. Cornbread is a bonus. I like adding corn kernels and cheddar.
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    Right on ya I do a savory version as well with aged cheddar, chives and smoked bacon. Its delicious too. This one is my wife's sweeter version that is super good too. Very moist.
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    Snacked on some of this for dinner, straight out of the smoker. Did way bigger chunks this time. Two whites and a marble. VERY OILY. Tastes great but the look still just seems off to me. I really like a bright red salmon.
    Wow, Rain city that smoked salmon looks great, let us know how you did this.
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    Follow this.
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    Home made pasta sauce with chanterelles, fresh sliced garlic and sun-dried cherry tomatoes.
    Fresh pasta.
    Oven baked Squish.
    And Lamb Chops off the BarBee.



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