What's for dinner tonight ?

Discussion in 'Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood' started by scott craven, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Slow roasted prime rib , yorkshire's and a shrimp caesar salad at our house. :D
    (salmon was last night)
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  2. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Is it your birthday?

    Crispy chicken wraps here.... :)
  3. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Nope, just friday night !
  4. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    I'll take my next question to the hijack thread :)
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  5. newfie boy

    newfie boy Active Member


    Hey Scott I can be down there in about two hrs. Is that too late
  6. Duffer

    Duffer Active Member

  7. Duffer

    Duffer Active Member

    Oh yah and Lasagna
  8. Hookin'up

    Hookin'up Well-Known Member

  9. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

  10. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    I'm a late eater... Still havent cut into my t-bone that looks like it came off a dinosaur... I can post pics for proof if anyone has any questions.....
  11. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    No really... I put a finger sized yam fry on it for scale...


    Now if you guys will excuse me I'm gunna eat... And yes chipotle mayo dip
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  12. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Holy Cow :) That's a Porter not a T-bone......
  13. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member

    These were the last places we dined at in Aruba-during last week...saved the best for last...:)

    wife;10oz US aaa Black Angus;veggies,ripe plantain & arruban rice ; SS; pan seared fresh grouper - topped /crab cake,bedded on aruban rice,veggies,ripe plantain & aruba corn bread...Big slice of cashew cake/ ice cream.One of the best meals we had....with spectacular backdrop,perfect climate & added ambiance...:p


  14. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Tonight homemade turkey pot pie with my own pastry.....
  15. bigbruce

    bigbruce Well-Known Member

    Pasta and Barkley Sound prawns in a rose sauce - with a nice bottle of Malbec...
  16. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Back strap rolled in grainy mustard and rosemary wrapped in BACON........ Roasted potatoes roasted in garlic and bacon fat. Oh and a salad..... :(
  17. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Its all short loin... ;) They don't seem to split them any more around here. Damn it was good for 10 bucks
  18. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

  19. Hookin'up

    Hookin'up Well-Known Member

    Holy Crap that chowder sounds good,
    its making me drool
  20. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Just finished a Monte cristo and caesar.......
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