What our Governments Don't Know about our Rivers. Here is one example: https://fishfarmnews.blogspot

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    Not knowing or not caring? (at least not enough to use the regulations already in existence that could prevent or punish these types of poor practices). I believe it’s the latter.

    Also, while the poor logging practices described are known to have the watershed scale impacts, as described, that lead to tributaries destabilizing and drying up in summer/early fall and thus impact stocks like coho and coastal cutts, it’s interesting that orcas and rubbing stones are mentioned. If anything, large scale clearing and watershed destabilization lead to increased bedload transport. Thus, much more rock and gravel will slide into the rivers/streams and larger volumes will be transported downstream by the faster and amplified runoff following fall/winter rain storms. If anything, a larger rubbing beach is likely to form.



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