What is it with all these ads?

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Hi Guys ... I've just made some setting changes and also removed that annoying in-between-page ad. We'll try to find a good balance here and not make these ads too intrusive.

Now I'm getting twice as many in between ads. I agree with everyone else. Hope you can find that balance. Really like this site.


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I use my IPad for inter webbing and I will say it’s a little annoying but I can understand. These things don’t run for free and if people don’t want to contribute and help and only take, take then they have to cover costs some how.

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I tried to sign up as a crew member yesterday but it’s down right now , so if anyone wants to join they will be letting us know when it’s available again to join up. I agree if you pay..... it should be optional to see the adds and pop ups


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How many ads are you guys getting??? I don’t see many. I got a Scotty ad at the top of a page and inlet marine mid way. It’s not overtaking my entire page lol 3983115D-C89C-43A2-945C-A2597BB48735.png 921A5D23-1508-4983-B531-E679C15EA167.png
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The Ad is in place of the Recently Added section.


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I don’t find them to be that bad but do agree that usually the advantage of a paid membership is you don’t get bombarded with ads.

I find the attitude tho that someone should create and host a forum for free a bit odd.

Also fyi there had been a lot of internet litigation in the realm of free vs paid. Actually the minute you pay a site offers a paid membership You enter into a contract that is far more protective of your personal rights.

courts have deemed that sites like Facebook can basically do what ever they want with your data because it’s free however they have said for sites that have a paid service that can not do what ever they want with your data.

I know this site protects your privacy paid or not but it is something to consider when you are on other free services.

also it was in high demand to be able to upload from your phone well To do that they increased the size of files that could be uploaded. That means more data and cost to the server host.

the ancient fourm architect that sites like FWR hosts is cheap but you can basically do nothing with it and have to use third party’s to post pictures.
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As Chris stated earlier, we are working toward a balance for the ad program so it is the least intrusive it can be while helping to keep the lights on here. This includes having our Crew Members excluded from seeing the ads. Appreciate the comments from some of you acknowledging the time and cost involved in operating this site and we will continue to do our best to maintain it as a relevant and interesting place to discuss all things fishing in BC. Thanks for your patience as we work through some of the kinks.

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