What is a outboard "camp motor"?

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  1. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Hey guys as you know I am on the look-out for power for the 26 Hourston, I cam across a Yamaha "camp motor" with 1100hrs , what exactly does this referee to?
  2. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member

    means it was a lease motor on a fishing camp boat, they get replaced every couple of years, with a new model
  3. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    You should be able to tell you who leased it, the number of hours on it with what rpms it was run at and who serviced it. Also the newer motors store codes, so you should be able to find that out as well. Rigging though may be extra.
  4. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Thank you, any knowledge, feedback or suggestions? Stay away from these or are they worth looking at?
  5. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    absolutely worth looking at , motors that are used stay healthy. I would much rather buy a lodge motor with 1000 hours from 2018 than 2012 with the same hours.
    if you not guiding and planning on 500 hours or more per year..they are great. done it a few times. get read out and you can the usage. often 100's of the hours of use are low rpm trolling.
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  6. Aquaholic

    Aquaholic Well-Known Member

    My Uncle was a big game hunting and fishing guide. Mercury would give him a discount known as a "Camp Discount" Someone that owns a guide camp, usually 25% off the msrp. The name has just stuck around ever since and now most people lease them, hence the lease return moniker we now see.

    Lease returns from the fishing lodges on the coast here are usually a one year, sometimes two year lease and then they get sold to the public. Look at the print out, most are run flat out to and from the fishing grounds and the smaller ones are trolled all day too. Nothing wrong with the trolling hours but the print out you will want to see. The bigger motors you are looking for usually were with a kicker as they might not have the trolling hours the 90-115-150's have on them. You know this anyway. :)
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  7. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Most of the camp(lease) motors I've seen have been 50- 75 hp 4-strokes on 18' welded boats.
    you see a few larger motors the odd time.
    They get full throttle for a couple hours a day and troll the balance.
  8. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    I’d recommend waiting till this fall, going to be a lot of motors with less than average hours with lodge seasons likely getting pushed back or cancelled altogether. Lot of lodges replace every year too. Should be ton of options if you wait until fall. I picked up 90hp merc that was year old from camp with under 50 hours for $6500, was a spare and only got mounted and used for few days at end of season.
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  9. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    What are you looking for power wise?
  10. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    fly-by for sure, definitely easier to setup 2 stations and really considering 175 - 200 twins Yamaha/Suzuki, was also considering the twin 140 but they are mech controls...
  11. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Fly by is great when it works but major dollars to fix when it craps out and not something you can't fix on the spot. I know a local guide here who spent $5k for a part when his Yamaha would only go in reverse.
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  12. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Well that's poopy o_O, thought fly-by was the way to go, most recient used motors are fly-by...
  13. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Don’t know a single person who has had a problem with fly by wire controls...... they’re great
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  14. Reel Gone

    Reel Gone Active Member

    Fly by has been out for years, there will always be the odd guy out there that has had issues tho but that’s the same with any electronics.
  15. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Agree, I done allot of research :( and haven't found much either in-the-way of "common" problems, yes its expensive but what isn't for a boat?
  16. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    The argument can go both ways plenty of seized shifter cables out there. I can’t wait to try out my system. Back deck is rigged front station today!
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  17. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    I just replaced the cables on my boat with the repower. $130 for the set. Cheaper controls. If I wasn’t spending money on so much other parts of the build, and if the main I bought wasn’t already cables, I’d have gone flyby
  18. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Did you ask how much the modules are that run the system? This was either a 250 or 225 HP Yamaha..the module cost him $5K and no way around it. A seized cable...you feet it getting stiff and if you ignore it it's on you when it seizes or breaks and will cost you a hundred bucks to buy another and you can fish wire it into place yourself. With anything electronic one day it is working as normal and then it craps, no warnings. Yes it is a nice system when you have no problems...would I have it??? no. Not on a boat....where you may not have any help available when it fails or could be in some really shit water dealing with critical steering and throttle requirements to stay upright or off the rocks. For me there are already enough expensive components on my boat that will eventually fail and cost me money to fix or replace...less of those is better.
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  19. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    Makes sense, I’m happy with my brand new cables now....
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  20. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    What's everyones thoughts on this...? This is the camp motor...

    Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 4.59.20 PM.png
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