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    It's time for me to replace some of my old hunting gear.I'll be looking for coat,pants and base layer.
    It's been a few years since I've shopped for gear so I'm looking for some input. I'm looking for something that will keep me dry and also good when temperatures are in the negatives. I've owned gortex water proof breathable and found them good for one season and then leak.
    I've had my best luck in the rain with good old rubber rain gear but sweat to much if I'm putting on some miles.
    I would like camo and I think scent control gear is BS.
    If you have any experience with some of the newer gear I would apperciate your input.
    Thanks RNR
  2. Give these a look see Gostwear.com
    I ordered a pair of the wool pants.
    Hard to beat wool for warmth and quiet.

    RODNREEL Active Member

    Thanks Reelin looks like good stuff.
  4. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Base layer....go merino wool. Ice Breaker, First Lite all make a good product; not cheap but worth the spend.

    As a quick tip for Gore-Tex if you find it starts to compromise it's waterproofing, wash the garment and dry in the dryer. Read that tip on the Simms site when checking the care section for my outerwear.
  5. Chuck

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    Have tried several different gear manufactures that say their gear is breathable and waterproof. . IMO, nothing has worked as good as Gore-Tex breathable and waterproof. Use it for hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.
    Recently ordered a Kuiu jacket. Supposed to be good. We’ll see... or it’s goin back. Good gear is a must and makes a tough adventure much more enjoyable.
  6. CBsqrd

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    +1 Gore-Tex from a reputable manufacturer (you get what you pay for with Gore Tex is my experience) should not leak, the membrane and taped seams should make this next to impossible. However, the DWR coating on the outside fabric will lose effectiveness quite quickly which will prevent water from beading off. Dirt is your enemy, so keep it clean with a regular wash and then in the dryer at medium. Add some Nikwax DWR wash-in every few washes to restore the DWR coating.

    If you can, check out the Arcteryx factory outlet sale post boxing day in North Van. Sometimes they have product from their law-enforcement/military line which is mil-spec and heavy duty. My go-to rain pants are a pair of 3-layer multicam Gore Tex pants that I picked up a couple years ago for $70 (regular $700+ retail).

    RODNREEL Active Member

    Thanks for the input guys.
  8. Rockfish

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    Ever think about going old school - Wool pants and coat. It is what we and a lot of hunters used before the invention of the new plastic/gore tex based gear. It is warm and particularly good when it is not raining as it is not waterproof and does gets wet. It does however dry out quickly when worn and unlike modern gear it still insulates and helps maintain body heat even when damp. It also evolved on sheep to help avoid predators so it is extremely quiet when it brushes against itself or bush and you can move silently, something I always found useful when walking into the wind looking for deer. The surplus World War Two era thick wool military pants in olive green were always a good find and Wool seems to last forever.
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  9. Franko Manini

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    I too love the Gore-Tex gear and their warranty is UNBEATABLE. I recently had a jacket, bought in 2001 warranted through GoreTex directly. it was a North Face Summit Series jacket with a lifetime warranty through North face. When North Face refused to honour their warranty, I submitted a claim to Gore Tex. Their warranty is very clear: "guaranteed to keep you dry". I opened a claim, sent the pictures to document the make and model of the garment and which Gore Tex product it was. I told them it leaked across the shoulders - mostly from pack wear I guess - and through the chest. They said they would replace it and asked me to send them a pic or two of the jacket cut in half. After a bit of looking around for a new jacket and being unable to find something I liked, available in Canada, in the right size and colour, Gore Tex sent me an EMT for the purchase price. Easy.

    As for hunting gear, I find that it isn't the Gore Text that wears out. I hunt rough terrain and thick brush so I put holes it gear. This means I want cheaper rain gear that still works well. My go to for 10+ seasons has been Cabela's Rain Suede products. They are light, packable, breathe almost as good as Gore Tex Paclite, and they have a soft, quiet face fabric. It looks like they have improved the membrane fabric since the last set I bought.


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