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    DELPHIN Member

    I was asking a fellow at the cleaning table with a nice catch of chinooks up to 30 pounds.No one else had many fish,so I asked him his secret.He said anchovies 24 inch leader behind the flasher. what do you think BS or not
  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Total Bee Ess
  3. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty standard rig for a lot areas. Then again, fishermen lie.
  4. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    ok....so name the areas...

    I never heard of anybody using that rig as "standard".........
  5. GDW

    GDW Active Member

    I've found it most effective if you scrap the leader and just hook the anchovy directly to the flasher. It takes awhile to figure it out but once you do HANG ON.
  6. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    What's that known as......a Flashovie?
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  7. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    damn.. second time this year I damn near spit beer out my nose.. thanks for that GDW..., I would tend to go a bit longer on the leader myself 72 inches at least..but hey that sound like one hell of a rig...
  8. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is he was probably telling the truth...See so may weird things that fish will grab sometimes.. I have a lot of the time springs grab pink or sockeye with that length of leader....
  9. Sharphooks

    Sharphooks Well-Known Member

    His secret?

    Maybe being in the right place at the right side of a tide change.

    Anchovy hooked directly to a flasher? At the right speed, I bet you could get a taker. 24" leader--- same deal but not sure I'd trust knot strength with such short runs of line
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  10. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    I've heard of guys running spoons 27 inches behind a flasher with success off Bamfield/WestCoast a couple years back for Chinooks.

    In an old book I've got it states a 64 lb Chinook was taken off the Victoria waterfront on a squirt that was 21 inch leader behind a flasher....

    So yes......there is the "wild card " factor...........

    I've also heard of certain unscrupulous fishermen that use real short leaders with hooks .....based on the fact that some Chinook will attack certain flashers, depending on what the tape and finish is on certain flashers. The hook is so close to the flasher that when the fish attacks the flasher it will get foul-hooked .

    But as far as 24 inch leader being a 'standard rig' for bait...........I definitely don't think so.

    I bet there's a whole bunch of people that are going to try that...now that they've read it on this thread.
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  11. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    We used to run 18 to 24 inch leaders and longer for herring strip off Pt Roberts and Twsawsssen Coal ports ....... Call BS if ya want but totally possible ....... Yes not my norm but hey if it works why not. As far as every one saying BS and lies, the proof was on the cleaning table ...... And some where in the middle lies the truth. Don't be afraid to change it up .... In any way, like guys saying dead slow for Sox, why do we at times hammer them at 3 mph .....

    Put one down with a Chovie at 24 inches ..... You may be surprised.
    Good luck to ya
  12. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    Right....you never know 'til you try.......

    What a guy tells you while he's cleaning fish at the table can be light-years from the truth............and there are definitely guys that will b.s. you.......if they tell you anything at all....
  13. Degree of Freedom

    Degree of Freedom Active Member

    No, he was bs'n...

    Oh, I don't know, people had all sorts of reasons for not giving out information..Maybe he had an experience where he showed a nice older couple at the cleaning table the plugs that were producing, and the next night a picture of them showed up on the internet....
  14. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    And maybe he went to a well known tackle shop and asked what the hot plugs were these days and was shown the ones that later appeared on the Internet with the assurance that "this is what DOF was using the other day"....

    The only reason people don't give out information ....is because they don't want to give out information, fearing that everybody will come to fish their spot.

    There is a certain person that works at a certain store who designs and sells custom plugs on the Alberni highway.

    He is only too happy to discuss what plugs are working off FC and area...and who is using them.

    (although in the FC plug post , your username was never mentioned specifically.....you actually gave yourself away by posting what you did.
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  15. Slabby20

    Slabby20 Active Member

    About 6-7 years back we pulled in to get fuel at McKays in Bamfield. While I was pumping fuel one of my crew went up and was talking with some guys that were cleaning a bunch of really nice springs, bigger than what I had seen all week. My buddy came back and said they got them offshore right on the bottom trolling big Tomic spoons with 24" leaders. I thought BS and walked over and asked them if I could see what spoons they were using. They showed me and the spoons were still rigged with the flashers and sure enough, they were 24" or less. I had fished hootchies that short at times but never spoons, especially large spoons. I guess you just never know.
  16. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    we caught a few at nootka last week running short 26 - 28" leaders. we were experimenting with leader lengths and the short seemed to produce for us when we tried it. short leader puts alot of action on the anchovie/ hootchie... makes it look like its chasing the flasher. did seem to do better with a 48" leader length and longer though... trolling 1.8 to 2.5 knots... but lots of zig zagging to speedup and slowdown the action.... helps when there are quite a few fish around which there was...

    looking forward to going back in a month to try for some coho's...
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  17. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Why is everyone getting hung up on the 2 foot leader. It works for Sockeye and Springs take Sockeye gear all the time, just because there is a teaser head and the package recommends a certain leader length and come pre tied with a certain leader length doesn't mean that cutting it down to 24 inches won't work. Using a shorter leader puts a different action on the bait and that might be the difference between nothing and hooking up.
  18. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    In the Alberni Inlet you'll do better running your pink hoochy at 42 inches for Chinooks than you will at short Sockeye lengths....

    Lots of guys down Sooke way tried going short leaders for bait earlier on....and didn't get very much of anything until they went 7ft leaders...

    doesn't hurt to try though.......
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  19. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    So by that logic, folks fishing the mouth of the Fraser getting Springs on Sockeye gear using 12-18 inch leaders and pink squirts will not pick up a few when using teaser heads and an anchovie with the same shorter leader?

    I retract my original statement that 24 inch leaders was a standard practice. I'll give you that, it is probably not. I was more focused on the bait choice than leader length when I originally read the post so hastily said what I did.

    Having said that..... Tight lines!
  20. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    I think this is in fishing reports and needs to be moved

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