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    ok so after last years cancelled joyride through Washington state we tried this again. Fish Assassin gets us 2 express charters back to back on Tuesday sep4 and wed sept5. Then the hydraulics on one of the boats packs it in and we are S.O.L. Well FA has flight paid for so we appeal to charter captains wife and she somehow gets us back on their boat for same days......awesome crisis averted. I drive down to SeaTac pick FA up and head for Westport. Get in late and go to sleep.
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  2. Gear'n'beer!

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    Next morning up early on the boat and motoring south-west off the Columbia. Couple hours in major bird action going off.....like Alfred Hitchcock bird action going on. Nothing set up boat completely unprepared for fishing.....bean bags still covering back deck....no lessons for newbies or how crew wants this to go down it’s just get lines in.....one minute flying along at 25 kts next lines in the water......two dozen fish landed then it’s done. No clue how many fish were lost....no clue how many I landed.....total insanity.
  3. Gear'n'beer!

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    Crew gets troll gear out and we pick one off, get live ones down....nothing. Back onto the troll, hit another one.....bait down....1 big shark but no tuna. Ok keep trolling.....radio report that another charter boat is into them....head over, set up behind them and another sh1t sh0w. Many fish landed, many fish lost....lots of action. So crew is thinking it’s time to pack it in and run the 70 miles home....damn
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    After it’s all over the count is 37.....decent. We should have plugged boat but unfortunately if your filling spots on a 6 pack you can’t control or predict how the other anglers are going to perform......and believe me a couple performances were quite lacking....anyway we get some bad news...Wednesday the wind is gonna rip and we aren’t fishing but we also get some good news, Thursday is ON
  5. Gear'n'beer!

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    So FA and I kill Wednesday driving around and spending our Canadian pesos. Meanwhile crew pulls boat and decides they need to address some motors items. They do oils on both engines. Send injectors out to be checked. We are staying right beside their shop so we come home from day of touristing and these guys are still wrenching on this beast at 5 pm....but no worries they hope to be done tonight....we’ll wake up at 1am, look out window and the ship has not sailed, she is still right there.....”hey Owen, boat is still here” “noooooo”, FA checks his phone. Cancelled for today’s charter. Well turn alarm off and go back to sleep. Now we gotta decide do we hang out or head home. Fish have all been packaged and frozen from Tuesday’s charter. We have 90 some odd pounds to take home. Meanwhile I’ll sit here and post some stuff up and wait and see. I’ll try to resize some pics and post.
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    WTG....Love to see those photos - say hi to Owen
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  10. rockdog

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    Nice write up Brohemian.
  11. Sentinel

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    Looks like Tunacious. Bummer on second day cancel.
  12. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bro Didley
  13. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Ya Tunacious.....we are still hanging in hoping for miracles.....
  14. Sentinel

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    You hanging till Sat. I could hook you up with a great outfit and I hear he has a couple openings. Pm me
  15. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Nope can’t stay that long but appreciate the help
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  16. Dogbreath

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    Typical Westport 6 pack-they beat those boats half to death coming & going and then end up losing business because the boat is busted.

    And of course the angler is screwed too.
  17. carpeweekend

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    What charter outfit did you go with? I have a charter booked for Sept 17th with All Rivers.
  18. Aces

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    Typical tuna fishing....always such a precarious fishery
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    I think they went with Far Corners. I heard from Owen that they had a great time, great deck crew and the ownership has built a great operation. The boat is real fishy and they’ll be going back.
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  20. Gear'n'beer!

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    Wasn't really going to say anything more but I feel I need to clarify a few things. It was far corners and they did everything they could to get us out more days.....fact is hydraulics went on brand new motors and had to be fixed under warrantee. That boat most likely is back in the water today. They would have taken us today but we both have jobs and families to get back to. They treated us extremely fairly.....don't want to extrapolate too much on that but let's say FA and I did not get ripped off. Tunacious needed some attention and being it was a wind day those guys jumped on that opportunity to get stuff done. There were 3 guys working on tunacious with another running all over picking up parts for like 14 hours.....I'm not even kidding. They worked their asses off, we grabbed them a pizza otherwise I don't think those guys would have eaten. Hind sight is always 20/20 and if they could have predicted they wouldn't have gotten done I know they wouldn't have started....but sh1t happens. Crew is great, owner is awesome, his wife was great to deal with. Tunacious is a BEAST. That rig handles water. Will you get wet.....damn straight you will, that's why rain gear was made.

    We will be back and most likely fishing with far corners.....not to slander other operators at all but I saw boats that I know had full charters tied to the dock the day we got out....and the Thursday we didn't get out those same boats came home with light holds.... So in the future, meaning most likely next year. Same bat time same bat channel we're going to be looking to fill a boat. I'll resurrect this post when that time is coming up.

    One last tidbit of info I learned from our captain.....if a Westport girl has all her teeth she is an automatic 7..... if she can take them all out she is an automatic 8.

    Peace out
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