WARNING - 2016 Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker STOLEN

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  1. seatosky

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    WARNING - 2016 Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker Stolen

    Some scum bags stole this and a number of other things off the boat last night.

    Registration # - 0R742492

    Similar to photo (black prop instead)

    Please let me or the North Vancouver RCMP know if you come across this.

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  2. dmurph

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    Sorry to hear
  3. Oly1

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    That sucks that those scum bags got your motor. Will keep an eye out on Craigslist and such.

  4. oldsenilegoat

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    I feel your pain. They got mine last fall, not as new as yours but not old either. Will keep an eye out, but don't hold your breath.....these guys often have a custom order they are filling, or sell to one of the "businesses" who buy small motors and resell them.

    Not sure if you are familiar with them, but there is a through bolt product called a "McGuard" that works like an upgraded wheel lock on your bolts. Has both a key need to spin off the nut, and a spinning cover that prevents the baddies from locking down on the nut with vice grips or the like. I discovered them after my kicker was stolen, but they will prevent the bad guys from unbolting your kicker. Not cheap at $50 each, but a lot cheaper than the deductible and the cost of the hassle to report, replace, etc. Available at Checkpoint Marine in Port Moody, and at Galleon Marine in Richmond.
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  5. Cuba Libre

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    I rounded off the nuts on my transom bolts so they are difficult to remove . Dont think vice grips will work. Plus I have a Masterlock hardened steel padlock (that can be cut off fairly easily) securing the motor to the transom.....But---- hopefully the extra work it will take to remove the motor will discourage the perps. Have you posted a pic and serial number on CraigsList? It is a long shot but worth a try. Hope your insurance company does the right thing.
  6. Capilano

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    Locks and lock-picking, bypassing, security is a hobby and great interest to me. Most any of the mainstream market locks and security products are but anything but - and that includes the McGaurds products, the various transom locks and hitch locks. After some thought and testing, I came up with the below that secures the outboard on my tinny to the trailer (as it needs to be removable sometimes) and I also helped a friend in the same way with the kicker on his 18' boat.

    I purchased a 6' Abus 12ks chain online. The chain links are hardened alloy steel and are 1/2" diameter - which virtually rules out but the biggest bolt cutters and even then, chances are slim that the chain could be cut as the leverage required cannot be easily achieved. Can the chain be cut with a grinder or cutoff tool? Yes, however that applies to almost any other chain. However the concept of the below chain and lock combination is the last line of defense in a multi-layered security setup here at home that includes security cameras, motion detectors and more.

    As you can see, the chain wraps around the trailer frame below, around the leg, then around the bottom of the motor powerhead.

    The lock is a Stanley 60mm shrouded padlock. This is a big lock and with the large diameter chain enclosed around the shackle, there is no way to get bolt cutters to bite onto the shackle. Even if you could, cutting through this thick, hardened shackle with cutters is almost impossible.

    Another view.

    The lock tucked up under the powerhead. As the chain is almost too short, getting that lock into that position, takes a bit of work and the same for same removing it - but helps to slowdown and or deter any potential thief - if they get this far into the yard. Not seen is a non Masterlock on the transom bolts.

    Again, this works for me and also for my friends boat - but with a few slight modifications. Hopefully this helps some for others to get some ideas from.

    Whatever you decide on, stay away from the below products. Your wallet and insurance company will thank you.

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  7. Capilano

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    One more link:

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