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  1. Talons

    Talons Member

    Looking for a used float tube and fins.

  2. Time

    Time Active Member

    Have a pair of unused Trophy XL Fins here. No tube though.
    In Duncan area.
  3. Talons

    Talons Member

    Thanks Time,
    I am in the Comox Valley area and XL would be too big,I should have posted that in my original post, all a learning experience. I would probably take a large fins and any tube U or round.

  4. Time

    Time Active Member

    No problem Talons.
    The XL refers to the model, not the sizing.
    In order to confirm this I did a quick web search and turned this up, in case it interests you. Bit out of your area, but ....

    XL Trophy Belly Boat - $95

    Reply to: see below
    Date: 2007-03-22, 4:17PM PDT

    LX Trophy Bellyboat in ex. cond. Will also include flippers.
    Call Gary 1-250-745-3808 Lake Cowichan.

    Not my ad, know nothing about it, just passing along what turned up.

    If your new to float tubing, here's a link that may provide some info for you.

  5. bigguns

    bigguns Guest

    how much do u want for thoe trophy xl fins[?]
  6. Talons

    Talons Member

    Thanks Time
  7. Time

    Time Active Member

    Sorry for delay Bigguns.
    I'd take 35.00 for them.
    (1/2 price sale)
  8. Islandgirl

    Islandgirl Active Member

    I am in the comox valley..U- boat float tube and trophy XL fins ..all just like new...120 $$ takes it all.

    I bought a boat and don't have time for all the toys.
  9. bigguns

    bigguns Guest

    hey time.
    i'll let u know on those fins if u still have them
  10. Time

    Time Active Member

    Ok Bigguns
    They are still here, I haven't really been trying to sell them yet so I'll wait a bit for you.
  11. Talons

    Talons Member

    I am now the proud owner of a new float tube and fins and cant wait to use them.


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