Wanted: anglers to fill tuna charter Sep19, Westport

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Seagirt, Sep 14, 2018.


albacore is best when:

  1. Purchased from a reputable fish monger

  2. Chased 30 miles offshore and caught on a bait stop.

  3. Left alone to over populate it's habitat.

  1. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    I'm looking for a few anglers to fill a 6 person charter on Sept 19th or 20th out of Westport Washimgton. $450 USD a seat plus tip. You are responsible for your own accommodation and travel. Boat doesn't turn around for sea sickness.

    Reply here or pm.

    Edit: the 20th is also a possibility and weather may be better that day.
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  2. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Looking at booking this outfit https://watuna.com

    They have positive reviews from some other forum members that fished with them recently.

    Need to book soon, get back to me today if possible.
  3. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Man that is a tough one to make happen on short notice......but I wish you all the best and would be interested if I haven't already been down there and away pretty much all summer.

    I will be looking to fill a boat next year and will be actively soliciting members here early in the season to book a boat and plug it. I have a pretty good handle on the situation and have a plan.....just need guys to fill my truck, the bunkhouse and a boat.

  4. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Yeah, short notice is great when looking at weather but sucks when planning the rest of the trip. It doesn't look like it is going to happen so I'll switch to plan D. Or maybe I'm on plan F. Good luck next year, I'll be watching for your planning thread.
  5. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    It was 18 years ago this time of year but a 2 nite outta San Diego was $280 US. It was warm & flat calm. Came back with 28 YFT 15-20 & a few Dorado same size. Caught many "fishing the slide" with my Shimano moocher using a "Fish Trap" lure. Took a mountain of shit for my "fly gear".
  6. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Something like that is on my 'to do' list. For now I'd be happy getting down to Westport. Still looking for people.
  7. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Looking for two people to fill the boat for Sept 20th.
  8. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

  9. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    I'd be all over this but after Labour Day my availability drops to just about zero except for weekends.
  10. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    Labour Day isn't for another 351 days.

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