Wanted... 18-20ft aluminum Hewescraft , northriver etc..

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  1. tidal shot

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    looking for a good used aluminum in the 18-20ft range, offshore bracket and reverse chine a must. Hewes northriver kingfisher etc.... let me know what you have.

  2. ryanb

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    Hewescrafts don't have a reverse chine, fyi. Good luck with your search, hard to find what you're looking for... I've been looking too!
  3. Sangstercraft

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    For what it's worth: My dad has the 19' hewescraft searunner with a 115 yamaha, and he loves it. I have the 22' Hewescraft Ocean Pro with a 135hp. Between the two, I notice quite a difference btween the two boats. I much prefer the slightly longer / wider size of the 22', as the extra weight or size seems to handle the chop better. Good luck in your search.
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