Want to hire: Flat Deck truck w/ hiab

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  1. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Crew Member

    Any member or friend of, who owns a flat deck with hiab or maybe a power tailgate. I am interested in hiring for a few hours one day to move five items from Port Alberni to Parksville or Nanaimo. A 1 ton truck or bigger can handle the job.

    If interested in the job, or know someone who can do it please contact me for details.

  2. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Try a contact with a seine boat. We moved nets with that type of rig often years ago.
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  3. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Crew Member

    Ya, unfortunately going from building to building a boat won't work. Thanks for the thought though. :)

    The items that i need to move are less than 250lbs each accept one is heavier and all are awkward by hand. Just some big shop machines.
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  4. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    Why not just use a tow truck for the whole load
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  5. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Lumber yards sometimes have slow times with their trucks. I use them for crane time regularly. $80-$180 an hour depending on the truck usually. Or a case of beer if you have the drivers cell number ;)
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  6. 7Deuce

    7Deuce Active Member

    MurKare Hiab - Murray 1-250-228-1161 use him all the time at work. Small truck. Great rates.
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  7. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    What I meant was we moved nets with a hiab and flatbed and the seine guys should have a number to call.
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  8. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Crew Member

    Thanks for the clarification. :)

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