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    Didn't they just go threw ownership changes again ? I was told by that dealer that they have had numerous changes in the last little while. I am interested in downsizing but from what I heard about Arima (which I really like) it has made me run for the hills ??
    Are you saying its not true ?
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    From what I know there was only one ownership change in the lasts 10 years or so...when Arima was bought by Defiance Marine in 2011 if I recall. They just continued the same quality builds and boats..with maybe some modern updates.
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    I would be very interested in what exactly you heard? Suspect it is sour grapes from the dealer.

    Defiance did make some changes when they took over Arima, most importantly they got rid of all wood previously used in the transom and elsewhere. One thing I noticed is that the lids on the fish box are thinner and feel a bit spongy when stepping on them but I have never heard of any flaws that would make anyone run for the hills.
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    Good to know ...Thanks, ya maybe some sour grapes going on there ......
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    Just wait a bit alot of boats will be coming up for sale soon IMO.....
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    Sorry but not ready to give mine up!

    Excellent support from Don and Belinda at Arima, now Defiance.

    Arimaowners.com is a great resource

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    Is yours up for sale? Thinking about selling mine now
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    Hello again..I have decided against a 19 and only want a 21 - will take any config. Ready to pull the trigger for the right boat. I really only want yamaha/zuki power unless I am presented with one that has an old 2 stoke of no real value and then I can re-power. chrisberlin@icloud.com
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    That describes my Arima, but it is not for sale - yet :D
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    Good choice looking at the 21. Friend has one and it is a nice boat to fish out of and also ok for trips. He has the Alaskan bulkhead configuration. He has Honda power that is quiet and fuel friendly
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  14. There is a Arima posted on this forum last night.
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    I factory ordered and bought my Arima from Sherwood Marine on the Island in 2015.
    I have dealt directly with both Don and Belinda and never had a problem, even visited the factory with my family as the boat was being built.
    Defiance bought Arima... they own the molds and many of the workers came to Defiance from the original factory. Bo at Defiance hired Don and Belinda (Original Arima factory) to keep the history and knowledge .
    Defiance when they took over made changes to Arimas as now they are composite construction and no wood is used in their hulls ( they use a product called Coosa Composite on the stringers and transom) .

    Last time at the boat show I asked one of the sales guys why they did not carry Arimas and it mainly due to Defiance not giving good exchange rates on the vessels.

    My Arima has not have any major issues besides a defective trim tab switch (a new one was sent out by Arima) .

    Arimas are very reliable stable and long lasting, that's why the hold their value.

    If you see one for sale act fast as it wont last long

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