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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by porcupine, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    Nice. i will have to rig something up. Maybe have a net on board that i can zip-tie to my boat pole...

    thanks Andrew.
  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    You can buy a long handled dip net, I think Trotac has them.
  3. Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder Active Member

    I use my big catch and release salmon net. Bring in a few hundred at a time. The small ones fall out but who cares kinda deal.

  4. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    Yep,this works for me as well..really like these nets.
  5. ChoveyRoller

    ChoveyRoller Member

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Willyjim [​IMG] 8-12 AM on the waterfront today. No keepers, just 3 little ones. Sure we're lots of crabs over by Esquimalt Lagoon though. All males too.

    Wow, Heaven forbid someone posts their catch in the "fishing reports" thread
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  6. barrie

    barrie Active Member

    Well I will post a fishing report on the reports page. Fishing Hali on Sunday between albert head and William head. It was on fire for dog fish! We got our dog fish limit in no time. They were eating everything, I mean everything!
  7. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Dogfish this time of year ?? unheard of.... :D
  8. barrie

    barrie Active Member

    I'm a dog Fish magnet! Got them dialed in good!
  9. 4bouys

    4bouys Member

    Question for you old timers: When you find herring, how do you fish for salmon around it? Still on the bottom? Same presentation? Thanks
    (sorry, this isn't a report, just a question related to the discussion)
  10. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    We were up haro for hali as it was lumpy off discovery on sunday..2 doggies 1 skate 3 hali and a flounder..this weekend looks great current if you are able to,border banks has been on fire for them usa clipped springs;)
  11. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    Had luck in the summer trolling around balls at 30' on the rigger.
  12. seadna

    seadna Well-Known Member

    I'm not really an "old timer" just old-ish but in my experience, salmon are usually just below (and sometimes to the side) of the bait ball. Downrigger trolling at a depth = to the bottom of the bait ball works well as does dropping a cut plug/banana weight combo to that depth.
  13. porcupine

    porcupine Well-Known Member

    Outfitters had them too the last time I was there.
  14. barrie

    barrie Active Member

    We just got called "old timers," I remember when other guys were old timers and we were bright eyed and bushy tailed! Damn
  15. ChoveyRoller

    ChoveyRoller Member

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by r.s craven [​IMG] You can buy a long handled dip net, I think Trotac has them.
    You guys need this guy on your boat.
  16. Bent-Tip

    Bent-Tip Active Member

    9 till 2 on the hook on the mud flats yesterday. Picked up a 32 on the tide change. Before that we got a good taste of the "world class" dogfish fishing experience that is available to the Victoria angling community. Weather was great after the rain stopped.
  17. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

  18. ChoveyRoller

    ChoveyRoller Member

    Shhhhhhhh. You heard it here. No more saying the C word on here.
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  19. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Might be snow on the roof, but still got fire in the chimney ! :D
  20. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Might want to get that checked out Scott......
    Last I heard chimney fires weren't really a good thing....

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