Victoria Reports 2015

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by porcupine, Jan 2, 2015.

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    I like to know to thanks

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    Victoria Reports 2015

    I have done a bit more research and apparently there is a launch at the Maple Bank RV Park and Campground off of Maplebank Road. This is on the Songhees property.

    If anyone has info on conditions of the ramp, what tides or winds to watch for, fees, etc. that would be helpful.



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    Hmmmm, never heard of it.
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    another shot off esquimalt from 11-3 without a sniff. Heard there was a good bite off breakwater early this morning where a 25 was caught.
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    I did alright. 24, 10, and a hatch coho.....macauly.... AP Spoon workin' pretty good.
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    Where was the 24 headed?
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    sounds like still some pigs out there - coworker caught a 26 on weekend and his neighbour a 32 today...waterfront
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    We have 500 members in esq anglers assoc don't be shy about your displeasure with boat ramp being closed for 3 days as one of the better HALLY TIDES , as this good be a annual thing . The ramp at admirals Rd ( First Nation ) is useable on normal tides , we put 90,000. Nitinat fry in there every yr , think it's $10 a launch if you can find someone to pay ? Let the township of ESQUIMALT KNOW YOUR UNHAPPINESS , email , phone call , MAYOR ETC , as it is a multiuser park , thanks
  10. Deewar25

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    and apparently add a 40+ to that just now
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    another wave of big fish cruising by there were some big fish caught east sooke yesterday and today. 40+ is a pig...
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    looks like a 36...not 40+ still good fish though...
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    I shall be sending a letter to Esquimalt council.
    I cannot understand why they wouldn't have their art exhibit over at Saxe Point? Nice park, ocean view, lots of parking.... I don't understand it.
  16. rockdog

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    Ya, major piss off really. Especially with these reports coming in.
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    Hit the flats after work, first drop to bottom landed on a 12# er's head. Played that fish longer than the ride from shore.
    Love it when a plan comes together.

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    Just sent an email - very disappointed in the MAYOR's decision.
  20. Humpbubble

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