Victoria Reports 2015

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  1. Willyjim

    Willyjim Member

    Yeah, no kidding! I don't remember that ever happening before, but I sure hope they don't make a habit of it!
  2. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    Yeah... It sucks, especially since the currents are great for halibut in that timeframe. They could at least do it when the tides suck!


    MILF (Man, I Love Fishing)
  3. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    Victoria Reports 2015

    They don't, those aren't net pen fish I'm sure. I've had more than a few whities lately.
  4. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    what make you so sure these white springs cannot by the Nitinat fish?
    I've caught white springs in the mouth of the Nitinat, in Cowichan Bay and off Secretary all late season???
  5. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Maybe there were Harrison??.. LOL .
  6. Oakbayfishin

    Oakbayfishin Member

    Where about was that at? And what on?
  7. gone fishin

    gone fishin Active Member

    There seems to be a false impression by many fishermen that all white springs caught in the Victoria area come from the Harrison Creek system.
    White Springs are caught up and down the coast and they are definitely not all Harrison fish.
  8. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of whites coming from the Vic waterfront right now and I have no trouble with you saying not all whites come from the Harrison. However, in these numbers currently being caught of late, and since we're on the migratory path to the Fraser and tribs. I feel it's unlikely these are all white springs from Nitinat stock.

    Do I have any scientific proof? I do not, just used my own dumb logic. Lol

    Carry on.
  9. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    I've also heard the local kayakers might set up a club at Fleming Beach - just look at what happened to Elk Lake since the rowers club moved in.
  10. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Did I say that. No I didn't. I said you guys have no idea what they are and yes some are late harrison fish that pass by Sooke, and about week ago these fish were around Sooke. Unless any of us have DNA kit with portable lab on boat we wouldn't know every exact fish. This is not new news they have been down passing by sooke for years same time every year. Its not a false impression BTW its been documented that the harrison pass by here. Maybe there US fish? Never know..
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  11. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    It's common knowledge that the majority of rivers that have white Chinooks are in the Mainland inlets north of Campbell river and are early running fish. The ones being caught on the southern Island are probably Harrison and Chilliwack (Harrison transplants) fish.
  12. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Well-Known Member

    this ^^^

    Late august to end of Sept. is also the time of year that the harrisons usually come through JDF, so all signs point to Harrisons.
  13. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Rockdog always asks the whites where they're headed........just remember to do it before the head tap!
  14. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    Here's a nice whitey from today.
  15. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Beauty Jim,
    lots of boats mid day, didn't see much going on.
    one small white for us.
  16. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    Nice fish Jim!
  17. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I handed my buddy the rod for this one, he's never caught a salmon before so the mission was to get him a nice spring. You couldn't scrub the smile off his face with a wire brush when it was boated. :)
    He reeled in a nice unclipped coho earlier and I had to release it. He was sad but this spring made up for it.
    In all seriousness, there's nothing better than watching a newbie get a nice slab.
    This one tipped the scales at 28 pounds.
  18. kayladog

    kayladog Active Member

    Out front off Esq with the flotilla today from 7:30 - 2:30. One #7 hatch ho boated, One wild let go & One decent fish lost. Slow, slow, slow, but it was a nice day. Saw the odd fish caught here and there. Any action we saw seemed to be between MacCauley and green can bouy at harbour mouth. The Creel recorder at the dock said 16 Springs including Kildonan's 28lber were reported and 8 coho. Not great for the number of boats out.
  19. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member

    Congrats Kildonan...a real beaut...:)
  20. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    Victoria Reports 2015

    In the earlier post by sun dance on 8/31 regarding the closure of the Esquimalt Anglers ramp on the 18, 19, and 20 of Sept, he refers to a ramp off Admirals on First Nations land.

    Does anyone know where this First Nations ramp is? Has anyone used it before? I want to head out on Friday and this might save me the run from Pedder Bay.



    MILF (Man, I Love Fishing)
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