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Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by porcupine, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I was lucky enough to not have any trouble with the seals yesterday. Lots of bites but only one 5 lbs in the boat and another shaker released. I think i hooked a halibut of some size. played it for a short time then my old rod broke and the line followed suit shortly afterwards. if you catch something with a flasher and plastic with 170 feet of blue line and the top half of a rod let me know. Looking for a good new rod. Any reasonable ones out there needing a new home? The day was beautiful and warm. Not like today.
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    Hali fished at oak bay today with no fish n chips. Caught a few dog fish, which I didn't think where around this time of the year? Fished around 230 ft of water anchored. Trolled for salmon on the way back to esquimalt with nothing. Only heard of a few 5 lbers caught at the dock.
  3. scott craven

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    Good tides/currents coming weekend of March 8/9
    time to dust off the Hallie gear.
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    What makes a good tide? One low & high in the same day?
  5. scott craven

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    Soft currents are more important if you are anchoring,
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    A little additional information to clarify what he is talking about. :)

    Soft current = currents that fluctuate as little as possible over a period of time long enough to fish.

    I included a screen shot of the table so that you can see what I am talking about.

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    Thanks for the awesome explanation. I get it now.

    March 8 has a 0.3m fluctuation. Today we had almost 2M fluctuation...not so good.
  8. Rum Buddies

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    hang on there, you guys are talking about tides, not currents. Currents are about the speed of the flood or ebb, anything over 2.0kts is too fast to anchor in safely - it doesn't matter how high or low the tide is. Tides and currents are related but not always as you think. Whether its salmon or halibut its all about the currents, not tides - so many guys get this wrong and always look at tides.
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    Sorry to add to the thread de-rail, but can't resist. Yup, it's all about the currents....and in the strait, it is not as simple as just currents that are caused by the tides(estuarine flow regime)....throw in a dozen or so transient flow regimes through the year and it makes for often unpredictable conditions. These are caused by wind conditions off the coast of Washington and the island and can disrupt the natural flow for up to a week all the way to Vancouver. If ya can't sleep this....
  10. Please do not set your hook at noon on the 8th. You can set from as early as you can get out to around 11am.

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    Looks pretty good to me , nothing over 1 knot

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    K,RFMan are you joking, cuz the way I read Craven's current table, wouldnt 12 noon to 3pm be the best time to fish?? Also RS Craven, Can you please post a link to that Current table site. Thanks
  13. scott craven

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  14. beemer

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    I would fish 7am to 1pm. being well set up for the current change at 11.

  15. Rum Buddies

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    listen to this guy!
  16. Scouse

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    Hey R.S, Thanks for posting that link its a great tool to have.
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  18. scott craven

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    No problem, thanks to Sammy slabber for that one.
  19. sammyslabber

    sammyslabber Active Member nada...r.s, we should put that link to good use, perhaps an exploratory mission to fill my remaining slots...;)
  20. Not joking, since Craven posted I thought we were talking about a similar location. I use the current tables for Discovery Island. Since I err on the side of caution I would be pulling not setting a 12pm. In future I will ask location prior to commenting on current predictions. My bad.
    Here is the link to Discovery island.

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