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    I had a Raymarine radio fail. I sent it to a repair shop recommended by them. They could not fix it. I asked what radio they would recommend that they felt was one of the most reliable and not break the bank. They recommended this one that comes with built in GPS so no wires to antennae. I know a lot has been debated in the past. This is just FYI

    Standard Horizon GX1400G Eclipse VHF Radio with built in GPS
    I paid $155 US
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    Thats good, paid 320$ for mine a few years ago.
  3. Matt16

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    I just bought that same radio, works. I like that it has an integrated GPS chip with wires to the chartplotter. Connecting one brand's chartplotter to another brands radio didn't look foolproof.
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    I have a similar radio; the Standard Horizon GX1700. It also has the GPS Chip and a built in antennae. It is a good option for all in one emergency distress DSC. I can compare the Lat. & Long. with that displayed on the main 10 inch GPS chartplotter and it is not quite as position accurate as the main unit with its external ant. up on the cabin roof but is often the same or close to it. It also has basic way point navigation and an electronic compass page built into it.
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    Oh wait!
    Now I get it.

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