Vedder/Chilliwack River Fishing reports. Fall - Winter season 2017

Discussion in '2017 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Maxonio, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. FishDoc

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    I just started getting into river fishing for coho salmon this year and have really enjoyed it. I have received many helpful tips from Fishing with Rod and his videos. In this one instance I had actually been fishing by them all morning and they were slaying.... not so for me. On my way back to the vehicle I stopped by a log jam and tossed in a jig. Right away I saw some flashes dart out from the jam and relentlessly attack the jig. They missed the first time but on subsequent casts they nailed the jig. Three in a row and I missed the fourth coho salmon. After that they didn't come out to play anymore. Crazy how many fish can pile up in such a small spot. Don't pass up these locations when walking by just flip a jig in and you may end up being surprised.
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  2. SteelyDan

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    Was just watching the news. A homeless camp was cleaned up on the Vedder today along with 1313 heroin needles.o_O
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    Maybe less vehicle break-ins now they have moved on-- or just moved the problem elsewhere on the river ??
  4. FishDoc

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    Yeah it was quite a mess, eye sore just north of the crossing there. What a waste of a life. Live in a tent and shoot heroin.

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