Vancouver Island political DFO salmon bullshit

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  1. StormTrooper

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    Let's be real. I am a Haida status Indian(Indian Act) living on Vancouver Island British Columbia. DFO is ******* up with non retention and slot limit regulations for Chinook salmon. DFO are in turn killing more Chinook than they are politically trying save...if only DFO were to adopt a one a day any size retention on ECVI, anglers would in turn handle much less fish during their set opportunity to retain. Anglers are legally bound to ten per year. DFO has become a laughing stock based upon their own direction and decision making. A true clown show. DFO's leadership is even worse where considered by all people of Canada in all that could be beneficial. Disband DFO. Save wild salmon, can DFO.

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  2. wildmanyeah

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    I’ll drink to that
  3. SpringVelocity

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    Yep pretty sad.
  4. Whitebuck

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    We need more piss on DFO stickers!
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  5. Reel Time

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    Agree. One fish will turn more people honest and pack it in early than continuing to handle fish for picture shows and catch and release.
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  6. Ryan A

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    Couldn’t have said it any better bud!!
  7. CRGreg

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    You doing a run on Can DFO shirts anytime soon Robert ? Ill buy a couple :rolleyes:

  8. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Well-Known Member

  9. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Well-Known Member

    My mind is wholly focused on building tackle. Oh, and Fishing. :)
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  10. Howzer

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    Problem is, it makes too much sense... and we're talking the federal government here. Many of the folks making the rules have never been on a boat, never mind actually handled a rod and reel.

    This chinook 'slot' regulation means a massive amount of fish are now being handled, measured and the mortality rates will mean more fish NOT making it to the spawning grounds.
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