Vancouver Chinook Classic - Aug 19-20, 2017

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  1. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    Anyone else signed up for the 2017 Vancouver Chinook Classic? Should be another fun event with some serious cash prizes! They have a new covered deck at the hotel as well that looks pretty sweet and I think they're hosting most of the event there. Good catch and release derby and supports @Pacific Salmon Foundation so good cause.

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  2. hippaisland

    hippaisland Active Member

    Looking forward to it, was a great time last year! Very well run.
  3. northvancb

    northvancb Member

    I'll be there also - can't wait
  4. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Sure would like to partake in this derby, I like the format, and love that it raises great funds for terrific reasons, but it's totally unaffordable for most the average fishers pockets. Dag nabbit. Good luck to those that can afford it.
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  5. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    It's not one of the cheaper ones that's for sure but it's still good value for what you get out of it and obviously the prize money and other prizes make it well worth it for those who win. ;)

    Another great derby that is quite a lot cheaper to enter is the north van firemans derby on Friday, Sept. 22. Also a great time so look into that one. They have a facebook page.
  6. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    Hoping to get the big one.
  7. gunnerlove

    gunnerlove Active Member

    $300 each? I sputtered paying that for both me and the boy combined going into the JDF derby.
  8. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    In it again this year, hoping to redeem ourselves if our last minuet heartbreaker on the final day last year. A great event .
  9. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    Viagra lives!!
  10. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    this derby is coming up soon! can't wait. fingers crossed for decent weather out there as we'll be fishing on a 20' boat. Good luck to all... I trust vancouver fishing reports will start to get even more sparse as the derby day nears.

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