Vancouver Chinook Classic Aug 17/18: Volunteers Needed

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    Hello fellow anglers,

    This years event is another sell out and we are looking forward to putting on a great event with proceeds going to SFI and PSF. We have had an engine go down on one of the weigh boats. We are looking for some more weigh boats and weigh boat drivers. This event is run by volunteer power from anglers just like you! If you want to help out, please send me an email. It's a lot of fun and it is a good opportunity to give back and meet some great people. We take care of your food and your accommodation if you are joining us for 2 days, or if you can only come on one of the days, that can work also. The Vancouver Chinook Classic is this coming weekend and is at the Pacific Gateway Hotel on the N Arm. Contact me at the email below if you can help out!

    Kind Regards,

    Jason Tonelli
    VCC Derby Mater
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    Jason. The tickets man. Are there any left? Haven't got a response via email.
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    Oh never mind. Just saw your message on IG. Thanks anyways. Don't think my boat works for measuring lol.

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