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  1. Damien

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    Looking forward to the returns the Canucks will get for Vanek and Gudbranson with the deadline looming...

    Aside from the Louie Eriksson debacle, which is more of a drain on the Aquilinis than the Nucks on the ice, I think GMGB has done a great job bringing in some guys. And the recent draft picks are looking good!

    Kole Lind, 19, RW, Kelowna Rockets
    Second round, 33rd overall, 2017
    Season to date: 32 GP | 21 G | 33 A | 54 PTS | +15

    Jonah Gadjovich, 19, LW, Owen Sound Attack (gold medal on the World Juniors this year)
    Second round, 55th overall, 2017
    Season to date: 22 GP | 15 G | 11 A | 26 PTS

    Adam Gaudette, 21, C, Northeastern Huskies (leading the NCAA in scoring, should be on the Nucks next season)
    Fifth round, 149th overall, 2015
    Season to date: 20 GP | 15 G | 15 A | 30 PTS |

    Elias Pettersson, 19, C, Vaxjo Lakers (had an excellent world juniors and is playing in the top pro league in sweden, could be on the nucks next year)
    First round, fifth overall, 2017
    Season to date: 27 GP | 11 G | 24 A | 35 PTS | +11

    Season to date: 27 GP | 11 G | 24 A | 35 PTS | +11 (destined to be a solid top 4 dman in the NHL)
    Olli Juolevi, 19, D, TPS Turku
    First round, fifth overall, 2016
    Season to date: 21 GP | 5 G | 10 A | 15 PTS | +10

    Jonathan Dahlen, 20, LW, Timra IK (will challenge for a spot next year on the nucks)
    Second round, 42nd overall, 2016 (Ottawa)
    Season to date: 27 GP | 18 G | 15 A | 33 PTS | +5

    I get prospects are just that. But it has been a LONG time since there were this many up and comers with the type of pedigree these guys are demonstrating on their way up.

    There is a swath of 'second tier' prospects as well, but I would guess that all of the above will be NHL'ers at some point.

    We can only dream that Tryamkin comes back, Goldobin finds a way to be an every day NHLer and Virtanen can settle in to a full time 3rd or 4th line presence with impact.
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  2. Derby

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    U planning your parade route yet :)
  3. Damien

    Damien Active Member

  4. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Dam Damien you need a couple of cheese burgers to go along with the beer, or is that a pic of 2 of the Nucks up and comers (Derby and FishT maybe :) )
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  5. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    ouche... I think I need to pass on theses burgers... :eek:
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  6. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    GO NUCKS, GO LEAFS, 2 power houses win last night :D
  7. california

    california Well-Known Member

    Nice overview of the Canucks prospects, which the pool has certainly gotten better than it was.

    Just to play devils advocate though , Benning has had his not so good side too, he picked Virtanen, the only bust in the top 10 picks from his draft year. He's dumb as a bag of pucks, and it doesnt look like hes getting any better. How much better would the 'nucks look with Nik Ehlers or William Nylander. He picked McCann one before Pastrnak, then traded him and a 2nd round pick for Gubrandson who is a possession disaster and doesn't make up for it with any offensive skill. Hopefully they get whatever they can for him at the deadline, but even not resigning him would be an addition by subtraction. Juolevi is the only one of the top picks in his draft year not playing in the NHL, he makes a lot of mistakes, I think the jury is still out on him. They passed on Matthew Tkachuk for him, the hard nosed forward who can score Virtanen isn't. Other bad moves were trading Forsling away for nothing, who is a regular D on a better Chicago team, a draft pick for Vey (who plays in the KHL now), and the trade for Sutter was clearly won by Pittsburgh as Bonino is at least as good as Sutter, was cheaper and isn't always injured. Benning has been better lately, he hasn't made a bonehead moves for a while, but he is still no Steve Yzerman! The big hope is the hockey gods after almost 50 years finally smile on the Canucks and they get the 1st overall pick for a franchise type defenseman. But that is probably just dreaming.
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  8. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Heck they've gone this long without ever having a first overall pick! Then again a series of first overalls have yet to pay off for the Oilers. Would sure be nice to get first overall this year when there is a consensus number one, but our lottery luck is pretty lame!
  9. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Then maybe we are due to get lucky now?
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  10. Bows Up

    Bows Up Well-Known Member

    Nah. Hawks will sink far enough to get into the lottery, pick first and take that Keith replacement defenceman. Haven't had a first pick since Kane.
  11. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    We haven’t had a first pick forever.

    Correction........never had a number 1
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  12. profisher

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    It would be fun to know how much Holmes had to drink last night where ever he is!! lol
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  13. casper5280

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    Miss old Holmes. He was always good for stirring things up. Lol
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  14. eaglemaniac

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    I'm totaly in on that casper. I miss holmes as well. I also miss fishass.;) eman
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  15. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    O the good old days. Charlie is another one. Always had great info to pass along
  16. banger17

    banger17 Well-Known Member

    Vanek and elder together on a 5 on 3 - friggin great combo!
  17. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Leafs and Nucks stink it up :) Dam Boston is sure playing some good hockey hope that gives them time to shat the bed come playoff time
  18. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Boston is winning without Marchand too
  19. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    GO LEAFS GO, MacD gave it to Tampa last night, look out Vancouver Tampa will be looking to rebound
  20. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    A first round pick would go along ways to rebuild this team :)
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