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  1. bones

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    Was just at hurina and he said it was a new thing, sorry. I've seen quick disc on etec before but they where the garden version.
    I'll check when home but i believe the owners manual asks when flushing not to hit it with 80psi coming from your source. Just requires the pressure that the impeller produces. The pic of the pisser hole has a pressure blow off so you cant over pressure your cooling. My stock pisser is just a black adjustable nut.
  2. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    this is in the manual, i just mention the part as i thought it was something new and wont deliver 80+psi to the cooling system. thought could be useful tip to etec peeps

    4) Connect garden hose to flushing device and install flushing device on gearcase. 5) Turn on the water. Keep the water pressure between 20 and 40 psi (140 to 300kPa). 6) Start the engine and RUN AT IDLE SPEED. Flush engine for at least five minutes. A steady stream of water must flow from exhaust relief port of outboard
  3. gunnerlove

    gunnerlove Active Member

    My Mercs manual say to limit hose pressure to 40 PSI when running or flushing so I have been running the hose just enough to get a decent tell tail stream. Now that I think about it I will be flushing mine with an inline RV pressure regulator from here on out .
  4. Mike_R

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    I see in your signature that you have 300hp motor. Mine's a 150 and from reading online the flushing system is quite different between the 2 motors. I just hook up the flushing attachment and turn on the hose. Running the engine is not required in my case.
  5. RiverBoy

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    Marine mechanic friend of mine told me flushing your motor using garden hose and muffs can be hard on your cooling system. City water pressure can exceed the pressure your cooling is designed for.he recommends buying a plastic 45 gallon drum, cutting it in half, filling it with freshwater and let the impeller draw the water in under its own power.
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  6. triplenickel

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    Good plan, makes it nice and easy. I use an old plastic garbage can, to drain it use a chunk of hose, stick it all the way in to fill it then put a finger over the end and pull it halfway out to start a suck free siphon.
  7. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    I just drilled a hole at the bottom of the plastic barrel sized for a transom plug. Simply pull the plug when you are finished flushing.
  8. Mike_R

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    I've used this method in the past and don't find it nearly as easy as using a hose with a flushing attachment.
    First you have to find a bucket large enough, (My main is a 150 hp outboard) then you've got to tilt up the engine to get the bucket on then lower it and find something to prop it up to the right height, then you have to wait until the bucket is full emough, then you have to drain the bucket once you're done.
    With the hose I'm done in about 5 minutes for the Etec engine and 10 minutes for my kicker (I wait for the thermostat to pop).

    The attachment I have came with my Etec engine so I have no worries that it will cause a problem. For my Yamaha kicker I use muffs and I notice that excess water just blows out the sides of the muffs as they're made from flexible rubber. I've never had a problem after decades of using muffs.
  9. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    cant use muffs on a GEN1 etec usless you tape the leading edge nose cone holes, then muffs will work
    i dont start my 300hp engine when rising..... not required.
    i flush the motor even when staying in the water
    with 1.85 gear ratio it is pretty hard to put it in a 45 gal drum, the gear case is much deeper on an etec than other boats. it might fit under a cut down 45 but why? clip turn hose on for 5 mins and your done. if it makes you feel better you can start it as well.
    the stock from evinrude is a adjust direction pisser, not a pressure relief bypass quick disconnect attachment. this is dealer upgrade.

    the owner's manual for a 115-300hp etec is the same, there not different.

    my post was just meant to help others that own an etec who would want the upgraded quick disc part that evinrude came out with after. if you own an etec and your happy with ear muffs then fine, if you own a yam or merc and you are ok with a bucket and all that then fine..... i have quick connects on brakes, main motor and ear muffs for the kicker. it takes very little time to flush the boat at the launch now.
  10. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    I use hose and muffs after every use. Works fine for me. I was quoting my marine mechanic friend. He is leery of city water pressure. Whatever works for you.:)
  11. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Make a backup of your GPS marks in case your unit dies.

    Hide the list :)

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  12. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    These Little lites produce the lumins for safe conduct at night.

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  13. merrittboy1

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    After I filet my fish and before vacumn bagging I put my filets in the freezer on parchment paper and let them firm up. Half hour later I take them out and then bag and seal. Lot easier to bag and hardly any liquid involved.
  14. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Almost the same but we wrap in cling wrap rather than between parchment, put on cookie sheets in the freezer and then vacuum seal once frozen - no "juice" sucked into your sealer!!


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  15. Fisherf

    Fisherf Active Member

    headlamp on water jug. used this alot on my boat/camping trips. very helpful imgres.jpg
  16. Clint r

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  17. ChilliSpoons

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    If you don't have an onboard wash down system these work great for cleaning off the deck.

  18. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    I learnt a new way this weekend to remove the tape residue off Flashers that have lost there tape. I used to use gum out, or WD40 to strip off the leftover glue and tape film. A thought occurred to me as I had run out of WD40 (oil based product) , why not simply try vegetable oil to remove the nasty glue residue off the Flashers. So, I tried it and I still needed to used a lot of elbow grease, but it worked just as well as any other methods I'd tried before. Cheap and usually always on hand. So from now on I'll simply be using cooking oil to remove the tape residue from Flashers that the tape has started to peel off of.

    Flashers without tape can sometimes slay Salmon. Chartreuse works very well with no tape. Or, you can doctor them up with new glow tape once you've got them cleaned up. Just make sure you've got them cleaned off good with dish soap to remove any oily residue before retaping.
  19. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    IMG_0038.JPG Prawn line weights on the CHEAP

    Pretty self explanatory

    Sack of concrete- 8 bucks

    750ml soup cans- free

    Tig rod- free

    Prawn line clips- almost free
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