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  1. Hi all,

    does anyone know a good place to get some used parts for a Yamaha 6hp kicker? I heard there’s a place in Sydney somewhere. Maybe like an auto wrecker type outfit

  2. willydw

    willydw Active Member

    Post what you need. Lots of good people on here.
  3. I need the back clasp that keeps the cowling on for an 05’ Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke. And also the tension bolt and nut for the tension dial on the throttle.
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  4. CatchAll

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    Find a parts diagram online and get the Yamaha parts number. I usually use the parts diagrams on Then search for the part number in eBay. There’s a guy in Langley that sells a lot of outboard parts on eBay. He lists them by part number. I bought various parts for my 8hp Yamaha from him last year.
  5. thank you. I’ll give that a look
  6. Fisherman Rob

    Fisherman Rob Well-Known Member

    Ha mine snapped off as well. When I looked I couldn't locate a replacement that wasn't an outrageous price. I found a large stainless locker clasp at Trotac that fits for about $10 and works great.
  7. Slabbedout

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    Just search outboard parts on Used Vic. I think the fellows user name is coclay or something similar. I have got used parts from him before. He runs a scrap yard and marine salvage place

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